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  1. hi rick! this may just be a little concern but i always get this when using the addon ... btw, i use it with HFSLIP Processing Ricks_VistaCG_AddOn_v1.4.1.rar '6.0.2900.2180' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. '6.0.2900.2523' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. '6.0.2900.2845' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. G:\HFSLIP\TEMP\AAO\VistaCG.cab TEMP\AAO\VistaCG.inf 1 File(s) copied
  2. thanks rick! didn't want to do much more than you instructed me too ... this time i'd change all!
  3. hi rick! found 3 instances of this: "@%%SystemRoot%%\system32\SHELL32.dll,-8964" ... do i specifically just change this specific HKCR,"CLSID\{2559a1f6-21d7-11d4-bdaf-00c04f60b9f0}\Instance\InitPropertyBag","Command",0,"@%%SystemRoot%%\system32\SHELL32.dll,-8964"? thanks!
  4. hi rick! would there be a way like gadget settings addon creation in sidebar for rocketdock where icons can be customized & preset for integration so that its set upon hitting the desktop after install? thanks!
  5. hi cro-man! tried downloading the file just now but i got this: ... kindly upload the file again ... i'd like to have an analog clocke down on the taskbar ... thanks! btw, is there already an addon for this?
  6. hey rick! i'm really sorry ... you mean change this entire string to "My Shredder"? thanks!
  7. hi rick! thanks for this ... where do i insert the name though?
  8. hi rick! did just what you instructed me to ... however, i got 2 Recycle Bins now ... the 1 on the desktop didn't go away (or wasn't hidden) even if after refresh or even reboot ... he! he! how do i nail this 1? just an fyi, my tweak for Recycle Bin is as simple as renaming it to My Shredder via my own .reg file ... i'm thinking what if i add some more tweaks via nLite (i.e., deleting Recycle Bin or Hiding Recycle Bin) ... i guessing it might just conflict with this addon? thanks!
  9. thanks rick! so does this mean that even if i already have Recycle Bin renamed (renamed it to My Shredder) via my personal reg tweak, the addon will be able to identify that as my real Recycle Bin?
  10. thaks rick! i'm happy i finally did something right for repacking an addon (i really am interested in learning more about addon creation ) ... i tried the repacked addon of course without altering anything else (aside from the colon removal & compression format) to preserve the credits and indeed i already have the Recycle Bin check box in the Start Menu properties ... if i guess it correctly, it'd only work of no tweak is applied to the Recycle Bin (i.e, renaming/deleting it) ... atm, i have my Recycle Bin renamed as "My Shredder" and it wasn't moved away from the desktop ... could there be some adjustments made to this addon? thanks rick!
  11. hi rick! leme understand this correctly, if i use cclear (your addon too ), i need to modify reg entries as specified above? please correct me if i did this incorrectly ... i extracted both contents of the addon & removed the colons & saved the changes ... i then compressed the files again using 7zip (as opposed to the rar format used in the orig addon) ... then renamed it as is ... would this be right and ready for integration? i'm just thinking, would it be alright to have the same addon but with the ccleaner edit already incorporated? thanks!
  12. thanks ^SoKoOLz^! would this integrate with nLite or HFSLIP as silent installer? thanks!
  13. hi rick! how do you repack an addon? which tool would be best to use? i love the mac look works like charm ... works well together with sidebar addon too ... thanks!
  14. hi SoKoOLz!! i tried slipstreaming this via HFSLIP ... & nLite too ... i was right in thinking it would install at T-13 silently but prompts still came up until the part where you click on Finish ... would the package be good for automatic /S install so that OS install would be unattended? also clock only showed black ... notepad didn't launch ... please know that i had VAIO, WPI and .NET2 integrated too ... oh and btw, how do i add gadgets? didn't see gadget installer installed ... in rick's addon, downloading gadgets and double clicking these automatically added gadgets to the sidebar ... your feedback would be greatly appreciated ... thanks!
  15. thanks SoKoOLz! leme try this ... would this mean that updates wouldn't be frequent anymore in rick's work?
  16. hey rick! ^SoKoOLz^ has his ver too ... aside from it being an NSIS ... and as per post, it should be faster ... what else is there to make the switch? certainly though i am happy that users have options ... thanks!
  17. hi ^SoKoOLz^! aside from being an NSIS what else is different from Rick's? thanks!
  18. hi Makave! encountered config error in the middle of my install
  19. hi! after all the browsing ... i've finally decided to register ... held back before because i thought it would be difficult to maintain links (+ logins & passwords), as well as frequenting many good sites ... we'll ricktendo64 got me visiting this site quite regularly due to his sidebar addons thanks man! ... i'm certain though i'd be seeing & learning more ... i basically see the same crowd from msfn, ryanvm's, xable's hotfix share, siginet's, roguespear's, & neowin ...
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