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  1. my download stuck and wont move, does office 2019 is the same as 365? because i don't see the 365 options in heidocnet
  2. oh, what's the difference tho? some people said the august 2018 one have some unecessary update, is it something bad like does it'll affect the performance?
  3. if it's the same thing or not i might take it but can you tell me first the difference between april 2018, august 2018 and the regular one?
  4. my mac os already got removed and i'm planning to reinstall windows 7, (i already have all the drivers in my usb) do i just format all disk partition then install the windows? or there's another step to do?
  5. i have an old macbook (it was my dad's) who only support windows 7 64bit or less, btw i doesn't have mac os, so does anyone have download link for Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit? i can't wait till the first day of the month to download the os via Downloader
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