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  1. Thanks, mooms and Jan. I plan to upgrade my SSD to 1TB so I can do a dual-boot, and that won't be for probably another month (I'm in the middle of a couple of projects that can't be put on hold while I tinker), so the new update should be out by then. Good to know Win 10 runs fine on the M4600, there was some contradictory information out there on the www about that. And it will be great if the Win 7 product key gets me free Windows 10 -- but I thought from way back when, that it was an either-or deal? You could use the key either on Win 7 or on Win 10, but not both? Or was that an e
  2. Hi, I have a Dell Precision M4600 with Windows 7 Ultimate and a Dell Precision T5500 with Windows 7 Pro. Both were purchased from authorized refurbishers, so I don't know if this operating system was available for them originally. Assuming it was, though, am I correct that the original ISO image would not have had SP1? They did come from the refurbisher with SP1. I'm not seeing any place to download an installer for SP1 alone, now that MS is no longer supporting Windows 7. Can I use the Windows 7 (August 2018) ISO to get the most recent updates, or do I need to use the Dell ISOs? Als
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