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  1. 1. yeah I am happy that perseverance this time helped. 2. yeah they are friendly and looking trustworthy 3. regarding Pro Plus I think you will not have problem with them because phone activation should work but I think Pro Plus Volume licensing is between four permanent licenses (student, business, pro and pro plus I mean) only one which can be activated by phone I mean without any additions like KMS. and If not that thing might help you because KMS is for Volume licensing. Ricktendo thanks for this. I believe it is but because very long ago I seen some software which was able to activate windows / office (even with illegal Product keys) with KMS in the name. And as I read about KMS it should be used at least with 5pc in network with same edition of win / office. Please confirm if this is 100% legal.
  2. Dear John, thank you for getting back to me. Situation improved and I learned some things. Slovak and chat team told me that no they will not give me new license number (chat team even mentioned do you think that we should trade in new license for old license ...) but 2-3 days ago I got lucky (I generally called the support every day or every other day) and I found Indian technician who listened and asked "product team did not get back to you?" and he asked to find again details of my license (box, product key card and mobile phone picture of invoice was not enough so I needed to find invoice again, scan it and send it) and in the mean time (I even started to watch primevideo while he was with probably product team) but at the end they provided new product key to my ms account. so I am solved. I have contacted Slovak company now multi country company about trade in license or swap for new license because in EU in 2012 EU court confirmed that sw developer cannot tie sw to one pc / user - forbid resale of license so many companies buy out and resale sw and they were helpful, gave mi links to ms sw which completely removes office from pc and they regularly help their customers to activate ms software via phone, so they gave me"their" software for downloading office ISO. I say their but it looks like branded version of your software while watching some tutorials I think that in case of 2013 only Professional Plus office can be activated via phone (if you have different exp let me know) so it was probably never possible (if ISO was not modificated in any way) to activate other office via phone (my guess) and new sw generally need internet to work. But windows even 10 (has this exe I was hoping for) can be activated via phone. But luckily I am sorted. Also as I said that I lost my 450€ - that would be the case 6y ago but today that company (they look serious and explained that they do not trade license per 1 pcs only 10s or 100s) sell 2013 Pro or Pro Plus for 80€ (2016 or 2019 even home and student costs 90€) If you have time for this please confirm or negate what I said, to learn more. One thing I am sure (1 or 2 technicians) said it that they ms blocks unused licenses after 3 years. So next time do not buy license without activating it and if someone has same problem like me then call, call and call maybe you will be lucky as me. Or do not buy ms software at all an go open source.
  3. Hi there, My problem is, I purchased office 6 or 7y ago and now when I need it I am unable to redeem / tie it to my ms account. MS says that because it is very old and they do not sell 2013 anymore they will not help me to fix this so it looks that I lost my 450€ license. I got idea that if I would be able to activate with via phone then problem solved. Unfortunately with your great tool I was able to download office 2013 Prof sk-sk which is not possible to activate via phone. Do you know if and where I could find & download Office 2013 Prof sk-sk or cs-cz older version which would be possible to activate via phone? Or if possibly find hidden exe which would be office phone activation wizard? to activate my installed Office 2013 Prof sk-sk via phone? thanks for any advise. Johnoo
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