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  1. hello, thanks for this answer. you can see just below that my 3 .exe files are identified in the tab named "integrated", they are also physically in the folder named "wintoolkit_apps" of my iso, so it is really strange not to get any of them installed. do you think the syntax of the path is correct ? I am a bit surprised by the ":" after %DVD%...
  2. hello, I prepared a file on a USB key containing all W7 updates, and among the integrated KB, one of them was moved to silent installer tab. it appears that this specific one was not uploaded when doing the install using this USB key. same issue with the firefox setup .exe I added at the same place in win toolkit. my impression is that the path starting "DVD%:" is not identified during installation phase . may be because I am using USB instead of a DVD , on a PC where there is no DVD reader. any idea/advice ? kind regards JJM
  3. hello all, I am already using win toolkit to create a .iso or a folder containing W7 SP1 and all KB in order to ease a W7 re installation. I am also able to add drivers. My concern is that one KB has been pushed by win toolkit itself to "silent installer" tab, and I saw when doing a new install that this KB has not been installed. I added another program(Firefox) in this tab and the result is the same, no install. I have the impression to do the right things, I included silent codes for Firefox, but for sure I missed something. any idea ? best regards JJM
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