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  1. Many thanks. I'll work on it for a few days. I did find Win7 drivers for that video device at https://id.drvhub.net/devices/video-cards/intel/uhd-graphics. so I'll try them out. As of now, I'm stuck in a boot loop ... reboots right after the spinning dots and "Starting Windows"
  2. Thank you very much. I double-checked the video and it is "PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_8A56 - Iris Plus Graphics G1" and I have the correct driver from HP for that device and they are getting included by the script. It is a Windows 10 driver, but that is all that is available. But today I realized that this CPU is 8th gen (Ice Lake) and there may be no hope of getting Win 7 going on it without a microde driver.... I know Intel originally said no Win7 support for Coffee Lake and other 6th gen processors, but relented and there is a hotfix to enable that support now. Any idea if a similar patch was ever released for Ice Lake? Or is this not relevant here? As for the NVMe driver... it is a Crucial drive so it takes the Micron driver... I tried both Micron and the generic Intel.
  3. I am very impressed by your script and all the work you've done. I am desperately trying to get Win7 on a lightweight laptop that originally came with win10 (HP 14-dq1043cl) and I think I am really close to getting it working. The laptop is NVMe only and I get an error adding the MS NVMe hotfix. I have the HP video driver added and remove the VGA driver. When I do the Win7 install, it sees the NVMe drive and installs win7 on it. However, on reboot after installing it hangs at the spinning dots and "starting windows". FWIW, I tried doing a fresh install of Win10 so I could check hardware IDs to make sure drivers are correct, and that works fine. Suggestions?
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