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  1. I cannot reg on MDL due paranoid registration page (emal was banned/you are bot/ field '29a0fc0c119ec7dee09d2b1af41f0a0e' was not recognised, wtf ?) Yes, i still dont have motivation to port 8.1 usb3 driver because there is no evidence to prove that it will works with existing DSDT tables/WinXP ACPI driver. You wrote before: So 8.0 usb3 driver works properly with native acpi 8.0 driver but not with WinXP/Win7 acpi driver ?
  2. Hi infuscomus In kernel mode you can use KeStallExecutionProcessor(), it hangs current kernel thread for requested time, but remain kernel threads still be executing. Anyway this will not help you with usb controller because you need to know from what moment you need to make pause. Usb3 driver do heavy reset of usb hardware(it waits some declared time after reset), also bios may has special acpi init code for controller. I recommend first to try any LiveCD with Win8.0 and Win8.1 to see how controller initialized with native OS and ported MS USB3 driver. 5 seconds is too much, usb controller has much smaller waiting times
  3. Windows XP/2003 32-Bit on Modern Intel Hardware [spoiler="Missing ACPI 2.0 support, BSODs 0xA5(..., ..., ..., ...)"] Windows XP/2003 support only ACPI 1.0b syntax, last generation bioses uses ACPI 2.0+ To support ACPI 2.0 syntax need replace acpi.sys and apply additional patches to avoid known BSODs : ...
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