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  1. Just wanted to share my experience and I am currently doing research that lead me here. 2018 Asus motherboard PRIME H310M-A that originally had W10. Due to not booting past the BIOS screen I had to Nuke and wanted to install W7. After no mouse and or keyboard with USB ... I had to go to the Goodwill and buy a PS2 mouse and Keyboard. That solved that issue. Then problem with a missing CD, DVD driver would not finish the my USB install. So I had to burn the W7 install to a DVD (dual layer over 4 gb). This works! Now the only issue is finding missing W7 drivers. It used to be pretty easy in the 90's and early 2000's. Why is it so hard to find W7 drivers!? Even the motherboard manufacturer will not post them anymore (even tho they have them all). Everything is the crappy W10!!! Just know that you can install W7 on a newer system (i5, 8th Gen, Coffee lake CPU 6 cores, 32 GB ram ETC..) Please share your tips and W7 driver database (like a personal one somewhere). LTD.... Living the Dream.
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