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  1. Hi, I am trying to install Windows Vista on my Surface Pro 1. I installed it similarly to the way I installed Windows 7 shown here: However, I installed it in a VM first with the files on another partition, then force installed Intel HD 4000 Graphics drivers, and USB 3.0 drivers. When I deleted the Windows 7 partition, and booted it on my Surface Pro 1 with the FlashBootPro EFI files, it booted successfully into Vista (it played the startup sound), but it hung at a black screen, and I am unable to see the screen. I have even tried connecting it to an external monitor, and still nothing happened.
  2. If you have tried to install Windows 7 on a Surface Pro, or a UEFI-only device., you may have noticed it hangs on "Starting Windows" or gives error 0xc000000d, or you might have seen the following message: Expand However, this article proves that it isn't impossible to achieve this. This tutorial shows you how to install Windows 7 on a Surface Pro. This tutorial is meant for the Surface Pro 1, but could work on any other UEFI-only device, which it should, but not guaranteed. ISO file link: https://archive.org/details/windows-7-surface-pro-1 INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Boot the USB. This ISO uses a Windows 10 PE, but has a Windows 7 install.wim. 2. Open command prompt by pressing "Shift+F10" 3. Type in setup.exe /noreboot 4. Go through setup normally. 5. On the command prompt, type in "diskpart" 6. Type in the following commands: sel dis 0 lis par sel par 1 (where your boot partition is) assign letter w exit 7. Open up Notepad, and click "Open" or "Save As". Enable all files to be viewed. Go to W:\EFI\Microsoft\Boot and copy the BCD file and paste it onto the Windows 7 partition. 8. Go back to diskpart by typing "diskpart" in 9. Type in the following commands: sel dis 0 sel vol w form quick fs=fat32 exit 10. Go back to Notepad, and click "Open" or "Save As". Enable all files to be viewed. Go to the USB drive, then go to the FlashBootPro folder, then copy the "EFI" folder. 11.Go to W:\ and paste the EFI folder. 12. Go to the Windows 7 partition and cut "BCD". 13. Go to W:\EFI\Microsoft\Boot and paste "BCD" on the folder. 14. Reboot. Setup should continue normally. NOTE: For some reason, Windows will NOT boot if any USB devices are connected. Any time you boot into 7, you MUST disconnect them, boot into 7, then connect them again. Wifi is integrated but doesn't work. You will need to purchase a seperate USB wireless adapter. Proof of Windows 7 working on Surface Pro 1:
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