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  1. hi rick i'm sorry for my insistence!!! :sweatingbullets: in your second post you write at first point so... i suppose... is possible install your sidebar in Windows Post Install? i need one information: how i launch inf file in silent mode?
  2. i'm sorry for my bad english... how i make a silent installer from your addon to install via ROEx? is possible? or unpack Ricks_WindowsSidebar6.0.6002.18005_Intl_AlkyXP1.1.7z and launch sidebar.inf in silent mod through ROEx?
  3. i wan't uninstall this pack but is impossible from control panel! i have an error in uberpack.inf??? i have install this pack from inf file...
  4. hi to all :icon_cool: i need Windows Sidebar v6.0.6001.18000 with MD5 4C26D0E700B14D164EDB5E16229731D8 becouse last version don't integrates done in my relase with nLite i'm sorry for my english but i'm italian :sweatingbullets:
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