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  1. hello "VMwareLitesfxMaker" not including 64bit 7zsd.sfx ... so created sfx exe under WX64 not working
  2. if someone no need Network (2 network adapters) + remove DHCP and NAT add to commandline this: ... .msi\" /qn ADDLOCAL=ALL REMOVE=Network ...STARTMENU_SHORTC you forgot remove winPre2k.iso ... and new instalator have 82MB
  3. nice work! i create updated version with "no pop-ups" and everything works great
  4. no way to make working x64 edition with this instructions ... yes i try make one many times... and you ?
  5. why you remove x64 support ? many people have x64 OS
  6. nice, but this software automaticaly adds into registry new association i must everytime manually remove from registry this new "data"
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