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  1. I do not know if it is an issue when loading the settings file, but it gave me an error about not finding an addon the first time. I did exactly as before and closed the 'All-In-One Tool' and then opened it again loading that same settings file. It did not give an error that time. Go figure. I have uploaded the settings file I have been using. Thank you for the resizable window. It works great. And yes, the "about:blank" homepage issue has been fixed also. Thanks again. EDIT: I found a cosmetic bug in your latest alpha. When loading any settings file, the status bar states "xxx\708". The 708 does not change no matter what settings file is used. all options.txt
  2. According to Solar's hotfix information, Windows6.1-KB2533552-x64 is not integratable with the install source. If that is the case, how does one get that update automatically on the install without going to Windows updates? I only ask this because I am a perfectionist. I have every other update applicable to a x64 source integrated and when checking the install, the above update (KB2533552) is still needed. So, who can help me with this one? Edit: After further investigation, this is not a problem with the KB2533552 update as previously mentioned with the old topic title ("How to integrate KB2533552?"). It appears to be an integration problem. Skip down a few posts to see details.
  3. I do not know if there is an easier way to do this, so I figured I can ask this as a request (or at least get told how to do it). I have several installers that are integrated with the Windows 7 Toolkit. One of the installers (gfwlivesetup) does not like to be run at the same time as other setups (it gives the error of 'another installer is running'). Is there a way to have these installers run sequentially instead of what appears to be all at the same time?
  4. Another couple of "bugs" for you Legolash2o. The first involves loading up a saved settings file from the 'All-In-One Tool'. Once it is finished loading, then close the 'All-In-One Tool' and then reopen it. Loading the settings a second time causes various addons, etc to not show up for me. The work around for this is to completely close the tool and then reload the settings file for the "first" time. The second issue involves the "Tweaks" tab in that the IE homepage defaults to 'http://www.google.co.uk'. I would like to set it to 'about:blank' but the program does not seem to like that setting. Even when loading from the settings file, it still defaults to the google page. As an improvement, could you make the window resizable? Currently on Windows 7 the only way to make the window larger is to maximize it. Yes that works, but I do not always like the program taking up the whole screen. This is just a request. Thanks for the great work so far!
  5. Don't feel bad, I still like this game too. It is one of the better pinball games out there. That and it is free. I got some decent scores, but I never was able to progress too far past ensign. Meh ... those are the days. :thumbsup: Thanks for the update.
  6. Further information on the "bug" - After noticing you did an update (and now I am using, the silent installers are now read from the file, however due to the separators you use, they are not parsed correctly. My 'silent install' section looks like this: #Silent Installs gfwlivesetup::/s/NO/623.15 KB/G:\Win7\SoLoR\gfwlivesetup.exe/Always Installed mseinstall-en-us-amd64::/s /runwgacheck/NO/9.69 MB/G:\Win7\SoLoR\mseinstall-en-us-amd64.exe/Always Installed Silverlight.v4.0.60531.0::/q/NO/5.99 MB/G:\Win7\SoLoR\Silverlight.v4.0.60531.0.exe/Always Installed xpminstl64::/qn /norestart/YES/473.61 MB/G:\Win7\Addons\WindowsXPMode_en-us\sources\xpminstl64.msi/Always Installed However, as you can see the switches I am using causes the program to think those are separate parameters and then it discards (I think) the rest of the information. I hope the above information helps you to "narrow" down the issue.
  7. I have found a small bug in your program. When loading settings back into the "All-In-One Tool", the 'Silent Installers + SFX' do not get loaded. I have checked the saved settings, and yes they are listed in the file. If you need any more information, please let me know.
  8. Well Legolash2o, I have been keeping an eye on your little "project" here since I first heard about it not too long after Windows 7 came out. I like what I see. It appears to do what it is supposed to. However, I seem to have a problem with making an ISO using your program. I have version, and when I go to make an ISO, it does nothing. I selected a folder. I selected the output file. I even filled in the label. I hit the "Start" button, and nothing. I wanted you to be aware of this issue I am seeing. Edit: On the bright side, I just downloaded the v1.3.0a version and it's ISO making appears to have worked. No worries. Its all good.
  9. Yep. I found that out. It has a decent interface. It definitely allows for for deletion of images and then the compression of that wim. Nice features. Works great. I will be testing the resulting iso file later today.
  10. I will have to try the toolkit as I cannot get vlite to work properly on my Win7 installation. Too damn quirky if you ask me. I really hope that the toolkit will be more effective.
  11. Ok, pardon me for being a little bit "late" to the party. Where does one get vLite? I kind of skipped vista going from xp to win7 and therefore have had no need for vLite until now. (since you mentioned it can compress images) I have looked around this forum but cannot seem to locate it's presence. Edit: hell ... nevermind. google solves all. http://www.vlite.net (I might be a little "late", but I recover quickly. )
  12. Is there a way to compress the "finished" wim file with DISM? (or should imagex be used to export a 'compressed' image?)
  13. Well .... one would have hoped it was in English. My understanding of German is not good at all. Google translator helped me understand *some* of it a bit more, but not by much. Of what was written though, it appears that Win 7 Toolkit needs more work.
  14. I have searched quite extensively this forum on how to properly use the Windows 7 Toolkit. I see various questions on parts of the program, however I have not found a step by step guide (or even a general help file) on how to use the toolkit. As the program is not entirely intuitive, can someone provide me directions or a guide on how to use it? As a side note, I have downloaded what appears to be the latest update pack and some of the extras to go with it. There are not any instructions on what to do with the update pack either (or at least where to put them).
  15. It would seem that the FileFactory *and* the Rapidshare x64 links have been removed. Are there any alternatives to these files (other update rollups), or can the files be uploaded again?
  16. The problem with using a 32-bit installer setup is that it tends to put the files in the wrong location due to the WOW64 redirection. Even if the files (in this case some hardware driver stuff) are 64bit, using a 32bit install process redirects those files to the wrong location. This is how it was explained to me over at RyanVM.net. If there is a physical x64 bit executable that will do the same thing as your x32 bit executable above, I can use it. However I am going to work with what I believe to be an alternative way to make it all work. Everything has to be extracted from the original MS executable. It contains several directories. Assuming the "updates" are already installed, one can just take the ipoint (or itype) directory and use the .MSI installer from that directory (with the appropriate parameters). Yes the MM and KB option would still apply to the MSI file. If you also use the /qn option, it installs silently. So in the end, I figured out a way to still make it work. Now I just need to test it on a standard install. I will let you know how it goes.
  17. I am assuming this addon is made for the XP x86-32 operating system. How hard would it be to prepare an installer for the XP x86-64 OS? Back when I was using 32 bits, I loved this "instructional" installer. I just hope there is one available for 64 bits.
  18. Thank you for the info. I will have fun testing this out.
  19. Does the VM addons get "automatically" added, or do they detect the computer / bios and not get installed if it is not a VM? Basically, I need to know if it will be a problem to put the addons on a standard install, even if the target machine may not be a VM?
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