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  1. Thx i was looking for this. works fine here !
  2. - Download: Setpoint 4.80 x64 -MD5: F0F085D418D39B404E2026EAB2EE0207 -Size: 64,4mb -Credits: Muiz - Download: Setpoint 5.20.40 x64 -Works only with G9 & G500 mouse -MD5: 1A34C46FC2E0ADD8708E3B0E340A3583 -Size: 14,4mb -Credits: Muiz - Download: Game Panel Software 303 x64 -MD5: 6AE21816FEA683A9ED388F656654251F -Size: 12,1mb -Credits: Muiz - Download: Setpoint 4.80 x86 -MD5: 67E9ADD77058025FF3DB0D2CB14EF9F0 -Size: 61,5mb -Credits: Muiz - Download: Setpoint 5.20.40 x86 -Works only with G9 & G500 mouse -MD5: 025FEBE3C9D29105952FE5014D55B7A6 -Size: 13,6mb -Credits: Muiz - Download: Game Panel Software 303 x86 -MD5: D4BEB599DC4CCDDE703E3407EE5C435C -Size: 11,4mb -Credits: Muiz - Download: UberOptions 4.80.5 -Works with SetPoint 4.80 -MD5: 919960FD9126BB1B0B906A30DD0FFFD3 -Size: 4,53mb -Credits: Muiz
  3. Always one step forward

  4. New guide: http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7222
  5. Disable it with your autounattend.xml And if you need it disabled for WPI apps, use hstart : http://www.ntwind.com/software/utilities/hstart.html
  6. The dx addon makes dx corrupt, some games wont start. When you try to reinstall dx9 you get lots of errors and it wont let you install untill you removed all the files that where added by the addon.
  7. Same here, i replaced the SmartWim and the error is gone. But then the addons cant be downloaded again, and the tasklisttxt error is back also.
  8. YAAAYYY :worthy: finaly Can i integrate this in Vista to? EDIT: First it didnt worked cause of an older SmartWim.dll, i fixed that. Then it wouldnt let me download the addon, so i downloaded it from the forum. But then it says : Could not get addon info, make sure task.txt exists! :crying_anim02:
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