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  1. No, it didnt come with the 7 restore discs but i recently got them mailed to me. I can get the folders from there?
  2. Well, simple, it came preinstaleld with my pc.
  3. Rick can u PLEASE tell me how t oget this in to the control panel? You havent told me how yet...
  4. Ok, i have the files when i right click the inf filer and hit install, it ends up in the remove/add programs but i still dotn see it in the Control panel.
  5. i dont have a windows cd =\
  6. Where should my "windows source" be then?
  7. Im starting to thing im a huge dumbass, i didnt understand that.... and i dotn have an xp cd, so i cant use it?
  8. Ok, how do i use nlite, i downloaded it, instaleld it and now its at the part where it says locating windows instalation, what folder do i choose?
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