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  1. 15 minutes ago, Louis S. said:

    Hello abbodi1406

    Could you please explain to me what to integrate first before integrating (.NET 4.7.2) and (.NET 4.8)?

    Thank you for your answer.

    Sorry for my English

    i do not integrate 4.7 since 4.8 available, did i wrong? also simplix pack integrates itself how do i integrate it last?

  2. I didn't have a problem integrating it w/ RVM Integrator 1.6 or it installing during setup.

    If you do not create a proper ISO/burning options it probably will not work. Microsoft uses 31 characters for filenames on their CDs, not 8.3. If you use 8.3 the name of the file will get truncated and svcpack.inf won't be able to find it.

    ok thanx anyway.

  3. many thanx. i always integrate with nlite these two earlier versions.

    simply these new versions can not integrate with nlite. i've also tried with rvmintegrator 1.6 it seemed integrated but not.

    how can i compile them for nlite, earlier files -7zip- and extract them for how could be compiled but i dont understand how i can do it for these new files. :sweatingbullets: :confused02:

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