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  1. how to edit win 10? which program did you use to edit install.wim? there was rt7lite for win7.
  2. [...] I have searched and found those.
  3. registry farklı ben denedim. 32bit win xp de yıllardır kullandığım kendi tweak.reg dosyamı kullandım ve quick lunch tamamen yok oldu ve hi
  4. i appreciate if you do it.many thanks. :thumbsup_anim:
  5. if you make one more version which contains only english, it would be nice.
  6. it would be better with if there are some performance tweaks too.thanks.
  7. many thanx. i always integrate with nlite these two earlier versions. simply these new versions can not integrate with nlite. i've also tried with rvmintegrator 1.6 it seemed integrated but not. how can i compile them for nlite, earlier files -7zip- and extract them for how could be compiled but i dont understand how i can do it for these new files. :sweatingbullets: :confused02:
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