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  1. [Addon] Moataz' Royal AIO Theme for XP (10 colors) The Royal AIO 10 color theme by moataz. For details, see this thread. Platform: WinXP Author: moataz License: Freeware Website: http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=6240 --- About this release: - As requested by a few RyanVM members. - Custom built MSI; supports AD, admin installs, repairs, etc. - 7-Zip SVCPACK addon (for the switchless installer, simply extract it from the archive). Notes: - The Royal theme is automagicly enabled, and set to the default Royal theme color (blue). 7-Zip SFX Code: ;!@Install@!UTF-8! GUIMode="1" RunProgr
  2. [Addon] Vuze v4.3 Vuze is the most popular media player for high-res digital videos. Millions around the world use Vuze daily to Find, Download, and Play HD videos on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPod, Xbox 360, PS3, PSP and TiVo. Platform: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 License: GNU GPL Author: Vuze, Inc. Website: http://www.vuze.com/ -- About this release: - As requested by Kelsenellenelvian. - Custom built MSI; support AD, admin installs, etc. - All toolbar crap and Norton junk removed. - 7-Zip SVCPACK Addon (for switchless installer, just extract it from the archive). Notes: - Vuze requires the Java
  3. [Addon] QTAddressBar v0.9.6 QTAddressBar is a Windows Vista address bar clone for Windows XP. Platform: WinXP & .Net v2.0 License: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License Author: Quizo Website: http://qttabbar.wikidot.com/qtaddressbar --- About this release: - As requested by Jarun. - 7-Zip SVCPACK Addon (for switchless installer, just extract it from the archive). Notes: - Requires the .NET Framework v2.0 (or higher). 7-Zip SFX Code: ;!@Install@!UTF-8! GUIMode="1" RunProgram="QTAddressBar.exe /q" ;!@InstallEnd@! Addon Details (RVMi and nLite compatible): File: QTAddressBar_0.
  4. Oh, just found out 3.5.2 Final was released. So... updated. Note, the original 3.5.2 MSIs still had hard coded paths to "C:\Program Files\Paint.NET" -> removed from Property table.
  5. 1) The MSIs have some installation quirks on non-English Windows versions. It seems that they will be fixed in v3.5.2. See the Paint.NET forums. There is not much I can do about it. 2) What's 2_VC2005SP1VC2008SP1.EXE ? An addon by someone?
  6. IDK about cMenu, but you can simply extract vcredist_x86.exe with 7-Zip or WinRAR. It's a SFX CAB archive. Inside you'll find a MSI and a CAB. Use /qb for silent install.
  7. [Addon] MP3Gain v1.2.5 (INT) Tired of reaching for your volume knob every time your mp3 player changes to a new song? MP3Gain analyzes and adjusts mp3 files so that they have the same volume. MP3Gain does not just do peak normalization, as many normalizers do. Instead, it does some statistical analysis to determine how loud the file actually sounds to the human ear. Also, the changes MP3Gain makes are completely lossless. There is no quality lost in the change because the program adjusts the mp3 file directly, without decoding and re-encoding. Platform: WinAll License: Freeware Author: Glen S
  8. [Addon] FrostWire v4.18.5 (INT) FrostWire is a peer-to-peer file sharing program for the Gnutella and BitTorrent protocols. FrostWire is written in Java, and is a fork of LimeWire, another popular Gnutella client from which it was originally born. Released under the GNU General Public License, FrostWire is free software. Platform: Win2k, WinXP Vista & Win7 + Java Runtime Environment License: GNU GPLv3 Author: FrostWire Group Website: http://www.frostwire.com/ --- About this release: - As requested by jfcarbel. - Custom built MSI; supports AD, admin installs, etc. - Ask toolbar crap and bro
  9. Happy New Year! :)

  10. Have you tried this yet? Desktop Restore v1.6.2 (x86 & x64)
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