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  1. Hi, I am new to Excel 2010 and have a question I suppose is something right out of the basic course. I am setting up a sheet that so far has five columns and seven tabs. The column headings are: Date, Supplier, Price incl tax, Price excl tax and Comment (plz see linked image). The tabs are: Overview, Investments 2009, Investments 2010 etc and Maintenance 2009, Maintenance 2010 etc, seven in all. The raw data are supplier invoices and the items purchased for the property fall in either the investments- or the maintenance categories for each year and should be shown thus when viewing that tab. So, clicking the Investments 2009 tab should reveal the furnace bought June 6 2009, and the Maintenance 2010 tab should show fuel bought for the furnace that year. I am thankful for any advice!
  2. Oh, never mind. I left the Home Group on both PC's and created a new one which I then joined on both PC's and, lo and behold, now it works! Thank you for your help and patience N1K!
  3. I have created Home Networks on both using the same password. The IP adresses are the same (according to whatismyip.com) for both PC's.
  4. I did that, it's part of the Homegroup Setup process.
  5. Thanks, yes I did, and I can now access files on PC 2 from PC 1, but not the other way around. This despite my having set up both machines in exactly the same way. I get an 'Access Denied' error message.
  6. Hello, I would like to set up a small network of two PC's I have, both running windows 7 Ultimate 32. I already have a (D-link) router so I can use them both now, one at a time, by use of a hardware-switch for the common monitor and by switching keyboard and mouse. This is kind of cumbersome, however, and I'm sure there's a guide for networking two PC's, I just haven't found it. I'd be grateful for any help. Sinsemilla
  7. I spend quite some time on the web, much of which is taken up by filling out forms with name, address etc. Is there any software that can automate this chore? Thank you!
  8. Hi, I have been having, for a week or two, the weirdest problem ever. Let's say I try to follow a link in PCWorlds newsletter, I then get an error message saying: "Connection Failed. Firefox cannot connect to the server at Reviews and News on Tech Products, Software and Downloads - PC World. - The site may be temporarily down, try again etc. etc. The message comes up immediately, no trying with subsequent time-out, just bang - head against the wall. Same difference with Internet Explorer. The weird thing is that it's only PCWorld.com I cannot connect to, all other sites (this one, for instance) work fine. I just can't remember what I might have done to exclude myself from PCWorld. Can anybody out there guess what's the matter? Thank you!
  9. Hi, does anybody know of a way (in Windows 7) to lock/pin the desktop icons in place once you have arranged them? My desktop isn't exactly cluttered, I think, there are at any given moment some 45-50. For the sake of easy navigation I try to keep the number to a minimum. When I have moved the icons around so that they are grouped into categories (roughly) and have their fixed places, it's easy to find what I'm looking for, and one gets used to it, like the layout of ones apartment for example. The desktop 'feels like home' to put it simply, plus it looks good. But every once in a while upon boot they are moved to the left side of the screen, not sorted alphabetically (which, at least, would have been some help) but in completely random order so it takes unnecessarily long to find what youre looking for. I would understand it, and accept it, if it ocurred only after I, say, change the resolution, but it happens randomly, 'unprovoked'. Not a big problem, true, but kind of a drag, so if anybody knows how to pin/lock the icons in place I'd be very grateful to know how. Thank you!
  10. I have done that. Now what do I do? I'll attach the current ipconfig output screen. (Thank you for your patience!)
  11. Here it is: PS: My Windows version is 7.1, build 7600.
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