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  1. Doesn't anyone know?.Anyone know the command? vbs or Power Shell command?
  2. Hi, I just want to add my new fonts pack to install.wim image. I don't want to add microsoft windows Language packs. In windows 7, that was so easy. After mount install.wim file with DISM, I would just copy my new fonts in \Windows\Fonts Directory and after windows installation i was seeing my new fonts. But in new version of windows 10 x64 LTSC, i try to do that again, but that doesn't work. After copy new fonts in \Windows\Fonts and unmount and installation windows, i don't see my fonts in new windows in C:\Windows\Fonts directory. So how can i add my new fonts to windows 10x64 LTSC install.wim file? i want to create a custom unattended windows 10. so can you please show me a vbs, cmd , power shell command our another "unattended" method? My windows version detail is Windows 10 LTSC Enterprise 2019 Build 17763.316 Thank you.
  3. yes, I am here to do his business license. but it mean if i edit a picture with Photoshop software, adobe company will make a logo to each picture edited by Photoshop for copyright?!! are u joking Etz? OK,just let he come and talk about hes software.if he don't like,i cancel it and try to make it by vlite or other software.
  4. really?!! so I'm so sorry lego.i respect you for your hard work.i am also very grateful to you.but,app installer folder name in root of DVD is wintoolkit_Apps and category of new wallpapers too.so it's not enough for copyright? it's so big title.people need to customize their products.if isn't possible so just remove it. any chance u do this lego?
  5. hi, can i change this title to my customer's name? for example "xyz CafeNet Soft Installer..." they want it and me too.i want to sell my product and i don't like they know how can i do this
  6. ugi


    1.In our country there is no copyright law.everything is free for example. i just take it here to help me better.but i remove my serial and upload it again.(so pls don't touch it again!). you came here in 2006 & i just come here for 3 day.u want i know anything?!! i need a little time. 2.i think u come to my topic to answer my questions or help to do this,but i see your answer is just junky!! 3.I don't remember tell u "dude". my best friends are my "dudes" and they are the people who are helping to solve a problem.u better just stay a "Staff",and try to save it!!(take it easy "dude"). Do not post links to warez sites either!
  7. hi,i have 2 request: 1- how can we change workgroup on win7 enterprise? i can't find any option in Win toolkit to change it. 2: i want to install RealVNC 4.4.1 switchless or fully silent.but the software need serial number after install and i don't know how will do this.so pls help me to make it software download link (without serial for site rules): https://www.realvnc.com/ < link to realvnc site. tnx dudes.
  8. of curse.that's easy & Unchanged compared to the previous version: /sAll /rsfor example: AdbeRdr11007_en_US.exe /sAll /rs
  9. Hi, Adobe Reader XI 11.0.07 full,Switchless install - completely silent!! - no desktop icon - checked on win 7 (x64x86) The silent installer can be used in any Windows version that is compatible with the originals setup. MD5: 6BFBAB9D914FA4FADD58787F640581DA Size: 72.0MB AdbeRdr11007_en_US.sfx.zip
  10. oh,of course .sorry dude.because it's my first time . thanks sweden8 , thanks *Reaper*
  11. sorry dudes, but i thing something is wrong,the file format is EXE but WinToolkit addons format is WA.so how can i use it?
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