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  1. Multi Language support added Reg2Inf Converter Entegration ended ( - Automatical inline reg to inf converter - Fixed any root key's to not parsing turkish windows. - change export inf file charset to UTF-8 Thnx Siginet to open source it tool. ) new setup released and have it coming soon new setup file
  2. Please Try New Setup File. Dont remember uninstall old versions.
  3. I wrote it dll register module. Hi N1K your idea not hardest. One site shared this by algoritms or rss support i coded to downloader and wallpaper changer but i'm not any time developed programs to dual monitors :confused02: search and say to my suggest.
  4. Added DLL register module (Automatical Find Which Dll files Registering ) program update coming soon. New Work : Registy to Inf File Converter Entegration ( Writing New Modul not use external programs )
  5. Nero 9 Lite Add-On Making video for Windows True Addon Builder http://rapidshare.com/files/155321633/Wind...imi_Anlatim.rar Video Creator is Prepitium64 Thanks Note : Video texts in turkish language we working to translate english Program Update Alert : fixed reported bugs Download last adress : RapidShare
  6. Two bug Reported and Fixed. 1 - "SourceDiskFiles" write not correctly but originals "SourceDisksFiles" changed it. ( Reported Prepitium64 ) 2 - Duplicate files renamer in to inf file many erros we fixed it . ( Reported Prepitium64 ) New version released to fixed yours programs. Thanks.
  7. Prepitium64 tarafından hazırlanmış olan Windows True Add-On builder ile Nero 9 un eklentisinin yapımı videolu anlatım. Buradan indirin: Windows_True_Add-On_Builder_ile_Nero_yapimi_Anlatim.rar Rapidshare Mirror: http://rapidshare.com/files/155321633/Wind...imi_Anlatim.rar Boyutu: 5,71 MB / MD5: F733630F4112BFF10231C85676CC3B38
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