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  1. Beautiful addon, I like your descriptions for services, Ironically they're better than Microsoft. I see you tried to cover as many as you can but over time different programs add new ones. And sometimes under a totally unrelated unrecognizable name. lol but anyway I was wondering if you could quickly edit the .ini and make a version that only has the descriptions and not the profiles. I'de appreciate it thanks. I could see it becoming a popular addon if you updated it every week or so with more descriptions until you had a mega collection and no one will ever have to find a new service and not recognize what it's from again.
  2. thanx for the feedback, now how do you choose. is it a command? I pretty much figured out how to make the install silent using USSF and the basic parameters i already know, but some of my installs i can't find a silent command that works, is there a list you could give me of all possible parameters to add... also all the possible parameters to make an installation silent, maybe a website that shows them all or a more detailed tutorial?
  3. Hi again. Another question I have is how to add an Xfire skin to the install directory. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the program. To add a skin to Xfire all you have to do is, download it and move it to the Skins folder (C:/Program Files/Xfire/Skins). The skins come in .zip format and don't need to be extracted. So basically I need to move a .zip to the Skins directory after Xfire is installed... any help is appreciated.
  4. Hey, My question is... How do you change Silent installation settings and pre-define them. For Example I've added Winamp to WPI, when you install winamp there's a checkbox part of the installation that has all these unnecessary addons like Winamp Remote ect. Also when it asks if you want the installation to be "Full" or "Custom" I want to make it a custom installation and disable the Winamp Agent. Any help will be appreciated. I took a quick look at the config.jscript but i'm not familiar with the language so if anyone knows a tutorial on editing the jscript file I am easily self-educated and will be able to catch on quickly.
  5. I started it up and everything looks good so far, this is exactly what I needed. :thumbsup_anim: Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. :thumbsup_anim:
  6. Hi, I'm new to nLite but I can usually catch on pretty quick. I understand the basics of it and I got down how to add firefox to my install, but how can i add all my Extensions/Addons, Plugins, and Themes that I love. When I boot up my WinXP after a fresh install for the first time, I would love it if everything was where and how I wanted it to be in Firefox. :icon_cool: Any help would be much appreciated or if anybody knows a post that already covered this, point me to it. Thankz in advance.
  7. RUNARMY0f1


    Hey guys. I'm new to this forum but it looks really dope. I'm currently majoring in Information Technology at Suffolk County Community College and taking a bunch of cisco courses. I found this site because I'm working on customizing my WinXp install with nLite so I never have to re-install everything every time i have to reformat. heres some pictures of my setup. Pic1 Pic2
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