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  1. Hi folks Just a word of warning, i was having some problems with my sidebar and its seems to have cured itself, but then i was getting a memory error that was caused by norton av 2009, it was suggested to uninstall and reinstall norton, i used the norton removal tool, but in the process that removed the sidebar and all my extra gadgets!! :crying_anim02: So looks like i've got to reinstall both now :thumbsdown_anim: Just thought you might be interested in case anyone else decides to do the same thing. Pete
  2. What exactly do you need me to tell you?, i am using yahoo widgets at the moment until i can get the sidebar back up and running as normal Pete
  3. Please can anyone help, over the last few days my sidebar has stopped working correctly, some of the gadgets are not behaving like they should, the face book gadget keeps asking me to login and wont stay connected, and also i cant remove any gadgets, if i try to right click on a gadget and select uninstall it says that sidebar has encountered an error and must close :-(, i have tried all the repair options and i have uninstalled and re-installed the latest one but im still getting the same problem. Please can anyone help. Thanks Pete
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