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  1. I tried installing orbits addon for the windows media center and the same thing happened.
  2. I redownloaded the file and checked the md5 as soon as it got done downloading.. and it matched the one that was posted near the download. I installed nlite.. and put in my winxp pro sp3 32bit cd.. opened up nlite and chose the cd in th ebrowse spot and it copied the files from the cd into a new folder on my computer. it changed to the new folder and i pressed next. there were no sessions available.. and I clicked next again. clicked on integrate -> hotfixes, addons and update packs clicked on create -> bootable iso then chose next clicked on 'insert' and chose the .7z file that I previously downloaded and md5 checked. it showed the details and then i highlighted it and clicked next.. asked me if i wanted to start the process and i chose yes.. and it ran through that adding the 7z file.. finished without an error and then moved on to the iso part.. I chose to make an iso file.. and then burned that file with imgburn. ............. put it in my other pc and booted it up.. it started loading windows files and then i got the bluescreen of death. (I restarted 5 times just to make sure it wasn't some random error.. but got it everytime).. then I tried inserting the original cd to see if I got an error with that.. but it loaded the windows files fine and got to the part where I start to setup windows. the bsod says: a problem has been detected and windows has been shut down to prevent damage to your computer. if this is the first time blah blah blah check for viruses on your computer. blah blah blah technical information: *** STOP: 0x0000007B (0xF78D2524,0xC0000034,0x00000000,0x00000000)
  3. alright.. I tried installing again and this time it asked for: the file 'asms' on windows xp professional service pack 3 CD is needed. so I threw in the cd that I used to make this one and it started copying files.. then when it got to the part where I put in my username and the serial code.. I switched the discs back out because I was afraid it wasn't going to ask me to switch them back.. it ran through the whole process and installed windows but it's missin ga bunch of stuff like internet explorer and there's only a startup and accessories folder in the start menu. whenever it asks for another cd.. I know its not working right cause it should install just on that one.. but I was just trying my luck. .................... so after that failed install I tried to get the md5 checksum. not sure if I did it right.. but I downloaded this md5 checksum program: http://www.download.com/MD5-Checker/3000-2...4-10410639.html and chose setup.exe and it returned this: 8CA93F6559DA2E9866D9905FB3700061 ..................... this time when I made the cd.. I installed nlite and opened it up.. chose to save the files from the cdrom to a folder.. and hit next.. started a new session (there were no other ones.) .. integrated the 7z file. and hit next and finished.. opened the program again and continued the session and went to straight burn and burned it on a dvd.. the file was about 775mb.
  4. ahh sorry.. didn't know that reply was towards me. i'm not really sure how to do a md5 checksum.. but i was resuming a session. so i'll try deleting all the sessions and redoing the entire thing. I downloaded the 7z file and added it through nlite.. I didn't just copy the files in the same folder that the cd made.. I think that's what you were asking. thank you though.. i'll post back and let you know if i get it working.. and if not.
  5. hmm.. can anybody help me out? .. I'd really appreciate it.
  6. I'm having some trouble if somebody could help me out. this is my first time using nlite.. just downloaded it to try and make this cd. first I downloaded the 7z file and opened up nlite.. popped in my winxp pro sp3 32bit cd and it copied th efiles to a folder on my harddrive.. pressed next and clicked on the integrate addon .. clicked next and choose the 7z file.. added fine and everything.. then ran through that again but chose to burn it to an iso.. and then once more and chose to burn the iso to a disc.. then i restarted with the dvd left in.. and booted from it.. started installing windows.. entered my serial code and got past that part.. but now it's stuck on this: the file 'kb925766rg.inf' on windows xp professional cd2 is needed. i tried inserting both of the cds and none is finding it.. not sure what to do.. or what I did wrong? it's on the fourth green installing dot in the process.
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