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  1. After playing around with this for a while, I've concluded that vlite cannot be used on build 7057 x64. However, it does work on x86.
  2. OK...well apologies in advance if i'm offending anyone's sensibilities.....but i just thought i'd report back and say the problem does not lie with vlite fcuking up explorer.exe - the MD5s are the same. That's the only thing i'm certain about after working at this all weekend lol If anyone has any ideas......please get back to me.
  3. Hey, i'm genuinely sorry about this. I saw links to 7057 here and so i assumed you guys were ok with me asking. Wrong of me to make such an assumption....my bad. By the way, I'm only going from forum to forum in the interests of sharing knowledge....and developing my own, of course.
  4. I've been messing around with Windows 7 build 7057 x64 and it seems that it's not as vLite-friendly as 7048. I've tried keeping the changes to a minimum. On one occasion i removed 'Help', on another occasion I removed a language. For both examples, installation went well but when I right-click on the Desktop to access 'screen resolution' or 'personalize', I get this: Assuming that vLite had messed with explorer.exe, I've tried replacing it in install.wim after vlite has done its thing. I've done this for the copy in both the Windows folder and SysWOW64...so they should be untouched. No luck, however. I don't know enough to understand what's going on here... Any ideas?
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