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  1. Well, I just tried Orbit's MCE Addon v8 with nLite and got no errors whatsoever. I am using my existing MCE2005 with SP2 installed with it, I am not using XP. I am just trying to update my existing MCE2005 to Rollup2 and have it integrated. So far, this method works.
  2. OK, I will try it when I get off this call at work. Nuthin like some free time inbetween calls! Yes it is a double post...sorry. I tried with my MCE2K5 and nLite, newest version and I get the following error: What now? What have other people done to get this to work? Everytime I hit OK, it gives me the same error.
  3. So you mean to tell me that the RVM Integrator is causing that issue? Sounds crazy to me but ok? On that now, how would I use nLite with this pack then? Does it work properly with being an addon with nLite? etc etc Other than that quote, it works but comes up with that issue. Sorry if I seem a little rash, I am just a little frustrated on this as I have been working with this for about a week now and I am very n00bish at this.
  4. I used your Addon with my Media Center Edition 2005 CDs and it works awesome! However, during the T-13 stage, I get the screenshot listed below. I have always said Yes to the answer and it installs just fine, I can verify that the Rollup 2 was installed through the About section of Media Center. Why would I be getting this error? I used the RyanVM Integrator 1.5.3 to add this addon and nLite to do some unattended setup and a bootable ISO. I am testing this in VMWare. ^^If that does not work, try this, it is the same file but in PNG format:^^ http://www.mediafire.com/?wknjznmuym2 Thank you!
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