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  1. I have had a go at it where I don't patch anything. The result is the same. That was the first time I tried to install the Sidebar from Wincert.Net. From the 1st page from this post. Then I looked through the post to see if somebody had the same error as me. And I fell over a someone describing/guiding people to patch these files.
  2. If your reply is for my post from yesterday. I can tell you that I have put atl.dll in the Windows Sidebar folder and I used the ALKY Win2k3 package. I wrote this in my post as well. Today I checked the environmental path settings. And created a new system environmental path pointing to ALKY Libraries where vmsvcrt.dll is located. Rebooted. This did not help either.
  3. I feel like I have tried everything. SYS INFO: OS - Win2k3 SP2 MEM - 2GB CPU - 3.2Ghz Intel BROWSER: IE7 MEdIA PLAYER: v11 PROBLEM: I get the error shown in the picture attached to this post. PROCEDURE: 1) Installed 2005 C++ Redistributable 2) Installed Alkys. For Win2k3 Server. Downloaded the newest one from the website. 3) Rebooted 4) Installed Windows Sidebar by right clicking and clicking install on sidebar.inf 5) Rebooted 6) Put atl.dll from a Windows XP SP3 machine into the Windows Sidebar installation directory. atl.dll is version = 3.5.2284.1 7) Deleted sbdrop.dll.manifest, sidebar.exe
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