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  1. i have xp-sp3-german too... thanks mate for your effort! it's a great thing to have the original vista sidebar in xp! keep up the good work.
  2. seems that it's the new version... maybe if you already have installed the old version and just upgrade you will not have the problem, but i had it on two xp-sp3 systems which i just installed the os. and two other users encountered the same problem. please let the developers know this issue. thanks.
  3. oki doki, thanks for your reply. deinstalling....
  4. it seems that nobody can or want's to help... since i have this errormessage every time i boot the system, i think i have to remove the installation...... *sad*
  5. hi, i just installed windows sidebar on my xp-system. after the restart i get an error message saying the sidebar.exe can not start because stmessagew.dll ist missing. can somebody help me please? thanks a lot....
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