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  1. Great program, just one thing, any chance of putting an option to hide the icon in the taskbar? Regards Worf
  2. Thank you ricktendo64, this is the sort of information that i need. If you have anymore information on the installation process i would be greatful. Regards Worf
  3. Thank you but the link is not working getting this error: 'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage' Thank you got them now. Regards Worf
  4. The reason i need them patched is to stop the digital sighning because i need to mod the SYSSETUP.inf. I have thought of using Nlite but without sounding lazy it would take longer to do than if would if someone has already got one done that they could share. Many Thanks Worf
  5. Hi and thank you for your reply and help. The INF file gets placed in the SYSSETUP.INF in the [infs.Always] i've used this method for when i created installation inf files for my program add-ons. I take it that when i add them to the LAYOUT.INF i would still have to but there size in bytes also? By the way, what is [baseWinOptions] as i have never heard of that one? Regards Worf
  6. Hi Can anyone got the two above files patched that they could supply please as i need these two files because for some reason my patched SETUPAPI.DLL does not work and i am unable to patch the SYSSETUP.DLL. Many Thanks Worf
  7. Here is my INF file. [Version] signature="$WINDOWS NT$" ClassGUID={00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000} DriverVer=14/05/2009,5.1.2600.5512 [DestinationDirs] Wallpaper.CopyFiles = 10,Web\Wallpaper [SourceDisksNames.x86] 1="Default Wallpaper","WIN51",,"i386" [DefaultInstall] Modes = 0,1,2,3 Copyfiles = Wallpaper.CopyFiles [SourceDisksFiles] 51385_poster2000_1.jpg = 1 53279_poster2000_2.jpg = 1 56049_poster2000_3.jpg = 1 92511_4.jpg = 1 Aurora_8.jpg = 1 Crepuscolo_9.jpg = 1 Dawn_10.jpg = 1 Grey Shine_11.jpg = 1 Growing Aurora B_12.jpg = 1 Growing Aurora Preview_7.jpg = 1 Growing Aurora_13.jpg = 1 Growing Dawn_14.jpg = 1 Growing Down_16.jpg = 1 img11_17.jpg = 1 wallpaper_5.jpg = 1 Wallpaper_6.jpg = 1 Wooden_15.jpg = 1 [Wallpaper.CopyFiles] "%51385_POSTER2000_1_JPG_NAME%",51385pos_1.jpg "%53279_POSTER2000_2_JPG_NAME%",53279pos_2.jpg "%56049_POSTER2000_3_JPG_NAME%",56049pos_3.jpg "%92511_4_JPG_NAME%",925114_4.jpg "%AURORA_8_JPG_NAME%",Aurora8_5.jpg "%CREPUSCOLO_9_JPG_NAME%",Crepusco_6.jpg "%DAWN_10_JPG_NAME%",Dawn10_7.jpg "%GREY SHINE_11_JPG_NAME%",GreyShin_8.jpg "%GROWING AURORA B_12_JPG_NAME%",GrowingA_9.jpg "%GROWING AURORA PREVIEW_7_JPG_NAME%",GrowingA_10.jpg "%GROWING AURORA_13_JPG_NAME%",GrowingA_11.jpg "%GROWING DAWN_14_JPG_NAME%",GrowingD_12.jpg "%GROWING DOWN_16_JPG_NAME%",GrowingD_13.jpg "%IMG11_17_JPG_NAME%",img1117_14.jpg "%WALLPAPER_5_JPG_NAME%",wallpape_15.jpg "%WALLPAPER_6_JPG_NAME%",Wallpape_16.jpg "%WOODEN_15_JPG_NAME%",Wooden15_17.jpg [Strings] 51385_POSTER2000_1_JPG_NAME = "51385_poster2000_1.jpg" 53279_POSTER2000_2_JPG_NAME = "53279_poster2000_2.jpg" 56049_POSTER2000_3_JPG_NAME = "56049_poster2000_3.jpg" 92511_4_JPG_NAME = "92511_4.jpg" AURORA_8_JPG_NAME = "Aurora_8.jpg" CREPUSCOLO_9_JPG_NAME = "Crepuscolo_9.jpg" DAWN_10_JPG_NAME = "Dawn_10.jpg" GREY SHINE_11_JPG_NAME = "Grey Shine_11.jpg" GROWING AURORA B_12_JPG_NAME = "Growing Aurora B_12.jpg" GROWING AURORA PREVIEW_7_JPG_NAME = "Growing Aurora Preview_7.jpg" GROWING AURORA_13_JPG_NAME = "Growing Aurora_13.jpg" GROWING DAWN_14_JPG_NAME = "Growing Dawn_14.jpg" GROWING DOWN_16_JPG_NAME = "Growing Down_16.jpg" IMG11_17_JPG_NAME = "img11_17.jpg" WALLPAPER_5_JPG_NAME = "wallpaper_5.jpg" WALLPAPER_6_JPG_NAME = "Wallpaper_6.jpg" WOODEN_15_JPG_NAME = "Wooden_15.jpg" Regards Worf.
  8. Hi. I am having a slight problem with one line in an INF file. I want to install files that is not in a .CAB but in .jp_ format. Now in my inf file i have the following line: [sourceDisksNames.x86] 1="Default Wallpaper","\win51ip",,"\i386" Now if i create a folder called 'I386' and copy my files into it and also the inf file then copy win51ip file outside the I386 folder and just write click on my inf file and select install, it install the files fine. But if i put it into my xp source and install Windows, Windows will tell me that it can not find the files to install. I have created inf files for .CAB file and they install fine but its just with this line i am having problems with and i don't want to put them into a .CAB file. Many Thanks Worf
  9. Hi OnePiece. Thank you for your reply. Yes i am sure that these line are correct as far as i know. All i have done is replaced the default wallpapers in the SHL_IMG.INF file with mine as SHL_IMG is the inf file that installs the wallpaper and done the same in TXTSETUP and DOSNET so it should work ok. I have had another thought of what might be causing the problem which i am looking into at te moment. Regards Worf
  10. Hi. I am having a problem with one file while installing windows. I have integrated some .jpg files into my windows source and all copy fine except for one. What i have done is the following: Edited the following files: TXTSETUP.SIF and inserted the .jpg file as follows: Wooden_15.jpg = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 wallpape_14.jpg = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 img11_13.jpg = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 GrowingD_12.jpg = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 GrowingD_11.jpg = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 GrowingA_9.jpg = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 GrowingA_10.jpg = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 GreyShin_8.jpg = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 Dawn_7.jpg = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 Crepusco_6.jpg = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 Aurora_5.jpg = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 92511_4.jpg = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 56049pos_3.jpg = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 53279pos_2.jpg = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 51385pos_1.jpg = 1,,,,,,,,3,3 DOSNET.INF d1,Wooden_15.jpg d1,wallpape_14.jpg d1,img11_13.jpg d1,GrowingD_12.jpg d1,GrowingD_11.jpg d1,GrowingA_9.jpg d1,GrowingA_10.jpg d1,GreyShin_8.jpg d1,Dawn_7.jpg d1,Crepusco_6.jpg d1,Aurora_5.jpg d1,92511_4.jpg d1,56049pos_3.jpg d1,53279pos_2.jpg d1,51385pos_1.jpg Edited the SHL_IMG.INF [Wallpaper.CopyFiles] "%51385_POSTER2000_JPG_NAME%",51385pos_1.jpg "%53279_POSTER2000_JPG_NAME%",53279pos_2.jpg "%56049_POSTER2000_JPG_NAME%",56049pos_3.jpg "%92511_JPG_NAME%",92511_4.jpg "%AURORA_JPG_NAME%",Aurora_5.jpg "%CREPUSCOLO_JPG_NAME%",Crepusco_6.jpg "%DAWN_JPG_NAME%",Dawn_7.jpg "%GREY SHINE_JPG_NAME%",GreyShin_8.jpg "%GROWING AURORA B_JPG_NAME%",GrowingA_9.jpg "%GROWING AURORA_JPG_NAME%",GrowingA_10.jpg "%GROWING DAWN_JPG_NAME%",GrowingD_11.jpg "%GROWING DOWN_JPG_NAME%",GrowingD_12.jpg "%IMG11_JPG_NAME%",img11_13.jpg "%WALLPAPER_JPG_NAME%",wallpape_14.jpg "%WOODEN_JPG_NAME%",Wooden_15.jpg [strings] 51385_POSTER2000_JPG_NAME = "51385_poster2000.jpg" 53279_POSTER2000_JPG_NAME = "53279_poster2000.jpg" 56049_POSTER2000_JPG_NAME = "56049_poster2000.jpg" 92511_JPG_NAME = "92511.jpg" AURORA_JPG_NAME = "Aurora.jpg" CREPUSCOLO_JPG_NAME = "Crepuscolo.jpg" DAWN_JPG_NAME = "Dawn.jpg" GREY SHINE_JPG_NAME = "Grey Shine.jpg" GROWING AURORA B_JPG_NAME = "Growing Aurora B.jpg" GROWING AURORA_JPG_NAME = "Growing Aurora.jpg" GROWING DAWN_JPG_NAME = "Growing Dawn.jpg" GROWING DOWN_JPG_NAME = "Growing Down.jpg" IMG11_JPG_NAME = "img11.jpg" WALLPAPER_JPG_NAME = "wallpaper.jpg" WOODEN_JPG_NAME = "Wooden.jpg" Now, i have used ModifyPE.exe on all the jpg files and then used MakeCab.exe to compress them. The file i am having problems with the one in bold and i have checked each edited file and just can't seem to figure out what the problem is. When they are being installed it always asks me for the location of the on in bold. Many thanks for any help. Regards Worf
  11. Worf


    Hi Rickendo64 Thank you for your reply. I know about the the other Hive files, it's just the HiveUSD file that i'm not sure about. Regards Worf
  12. Worf


    Hi. I am interested in finding out what this hive file is for and what it does, i have searched on google but came up with nothing. If anyone has any info on this file or a link please i would be very greatful. Many Thanks Worf
  13. Thanks ccl0 Got you message and the links will be very usefull. Thank you Worf
  14. Hi ccl0 Thank you for your reply, i am hoping to make it part of the project once i have done everything else i want to do with the project. If you would like to Beta test it then go to the link below. Please leave any feed back in my forum. WinGrate Regards Worf
  15. Hi I was looking through Shell32.dll with reshacker and would like to know where the dialog graphics are stored and whether or not they can be extracted and edited and then inserted back. Many Thanks Worf
  16. Are there any tutorials about modifying the PE headers on Vista apps?
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