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  1. Update NAR 1.2.2 Fixed multiple issues with commandline. Added a default language picker.
  2. Thanks MrNxDmx, I should have included that.
  3. Yes, you can just type in r-s into run.
  4. It works on XP and Vista so far. I made it so you have to right click on my computer.
  5. Thank you mate. :thumbsup_anim: Send to compression is not mine, it is jcarle's. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=80717
  6. Well if you like repacking applications (or just making things smaller) this is a handy tool. Just made it today. When you right click on exe's, dll's and any other thing you can think of, the UPX context menu will be there, ready for compressing things. http://www.2shared.com/file/4425585/b750461c/UPXPack.html Download is in bottom right corner.
  7. Happy B-Day Mate. :thumbsup_anim:
  8. Ah, I never new x86 and x64 dll's were interchangable. Thanks.
  9. It gets annoying to open your taskmanager, find explorer.exe end it and then run it again. I just made a context entry which will reboot explorer with a right click. The exe is not mine, it belongs to NirSoft. Reboot_Explorer.zip
  10. Update NAR 1.2.1 Fixed the problem with the leftover "," in the commandline.
  11. Thanks mate. Thanks for testing on x64. I use VMWare.
  12. Second one looks better, I like the first ones background more though.
  13. Hum, trying to think of a way to make a extractor where you just drag the exe into the other exe. But for now this will do. Just double click the shortcut and it will point to Extractor.exe if its in the same directory. Or you can create a new shortcut to "Extractor.exe" add these parameters. x -oNero-Extract You can rename "Nero-Extract" to anything you want the extracted folder to be. And what extra letters?
  14. So am I, all thanks to you mate. :thumbsup_anim:
  15. Bah, its only my bday. Thanks everyone.
  16. Doing rite now. Had no idea I had a warez winrar (got the winrar from a friend). Uploading. Done. Sorry to everyone for the warezed winrar. Thanks to bober for catching this. New link at MSFN too.
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