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  1. Here is another Avi for IEXPLORER 8 or 7, it will be shown when you will download any file from Internet Explorer. This Avi is located in IEframe.dll but the Dialog box is located in IEframe.dll.mui Aurora Version :- Dance Floor Version :- Normal Version :- New Samples :- Aurora_New_Icon :- Aurora_Star :-
  2. Thanks Ricktendo64 for liking it, I had started my work on full drive so i can release it tomorrow or day tomorrow. Hope so
  3. Hi as i was very much busy with my Bootscreen Work, So i was not able to concentrate on Windows 7 Avi's work but this week i am going to release it, Hope you will like it. Previously i released some sample of my work in Off theme Dicuusion Topic Link., But that was normal version but i received some Pm and they request to make it with some colour shadow effect so i tried it and i am going to release both version, So people can have them in their Choice. This Avi's will Change your boring Xp's Copying, Moving, Deleting, Deleting from Recyle-Bin, Deleting Permanently, Applying Attributes, and also Downloading from Internet for IEXPLORER. looks and i hope definitely you wii like to have it. This Avi is located in Setupapi.dll. Normal version Sample Will be posted within some Minutes.
  4. I liked the Right one with tool setting icons.(Nice colour).
  5. "Windows Live Planet" is a new social networking website launched by Microsoft. Its similar to other networking website like Orkut, etc. It allows you to create profiles so that you can create friends, search for friends. You can also chat with friends because of the integration of Windows Live Messenger.
  6. Ok, Here is you Firefox 3.5_Dark_Blue with this Custom icon made by Me. Download_FireFox_Dark_Blue. :- 8.14 MB :- 9b180d666311fa3d02eab720b447faa2. I hope it will work Smoothly and also will look Nice. Enjoy!!! :thumbsup_anim:
  7. Ok, Here is you Firefox 3.5 with this Custom icon send by you. Download_Custom_Firefox_3.5
  8. My last Firefox Creation :- And The Last One...
  9. Ok, then please make a firefox.exe (as you sent last time) and send it to me. I would have made but you know time problem.
  10. Don't Worry, Give me your icon for Mozilla and i will make it for you. By the way since you are working with Neon Blue Xptsp, So you should use Blue firefox icon.That's my opinion. In my next post i will post two samples, Don't know you will like it or not.
  11. Robi450, I had Started making Bootscreen for your favourite one "Salvation". This is My first try not perfect, right now working on it. Till then you can use it, As per your Pm message i am making a new one with Digital Text Effects. I hope you like this Sample 1. As i said this is not the final one, I am making six to eight sampes, so you wiil have a choice which one to use. So here I go with my First Sample :- Or Click ==>> More Samples to come., Till then Enjoy!!!.
  12. Here is excellent news for people who are eagerly waiting for Microsoft's upcoming OS Windows 7 final release. Earlier today the guys over at GeekSmack.net "confirmed" that Windows 7 was set to RTM (release to manufacturing) on July 13, which also coincides with Wzor's unconfirmed rumor last month. A few minutes ago sources close to the company, who wish to remain anonymous, have confirmed to Neowin that Windows 7 is indeed set to RTM on July 13. Sorce :- Neowin. So Cheer up Guys :thumbsup_anim:
  13. Yes, I totally agree with you right now i have a lot of work and also i have to manage a lot of things, Soon i am going to sort out all the things and i will add all the Bootscreen links in first post. Also with the Suggestions and Guidelines of Dear Ricktendo64 and LUZR4LIFE i am planning to make an Addon Version for all Version Bootscreen. So Unattended lovers can also use these Bootscreens.
  14. Post the sample or wallpaper which you like if get time i will try.
  15. Ok fine, Right know these are on testing mode and not released yet because i want to give some perfection to the bootscreen quality Progress bar Reflection. But no problem i will complete it tommorow and i will upload it. Thanks.
  16. Ok if you want skydrive downloading link, I will upload it for your convenience, yes i am going to add downloading links for all my preview. By the way which one you want, Let me know so i can upload and add the link for you.
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