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  1. Thank you VERY much for the update and the link. I appreciate the work you do in the community, Kels.
  2. I'd really like to get a hold of this pack. if ANYONE can provide a link, I would greatly appreciate it. I'll even update it with the latest versions and make the update available. Thanks, in advance.
  3. IP has also been updated. Here's the link to download from MS: IntelliPoint 7.1 32-bit
  4. I've just begun sticking my toes in the water on Win 7 unattended and yours was the perfect place to start! Thanks for the hard work i I know it's appreciated by many! Uncle_Gadget
  5. I think you're having an issue because there already is a folder in the vmware_1257789307 directory with the name 'vmware workstation'. You're adding file to this directory which is why it is so large. If you rename bjfrog's msi file to something like 'Vmware Workstation Lite.msi' and THEN run the Universal Extractor you will be left with a much smaller directory named 'Vmware Workstation Lite'. This directory when compressed with 7-Zip should be just under 32MB when compressed and should work as a fully functional installer. Good Luck! Uncle Gadget
  6. bjfrog (or others) Has anyone had any luck creating a slimmed down tools installer? None of the methods I've used past versions are working with v8.1.3, build203739. Uncle Gadget
  7. Phenomonal job, bjfrog! My installer is now less than 32MB. I also like how you didn't just delete the unused features, you only flagged them not to install. Using this method, I was also able to create a 64-bit installer just by re-enabling the 64 bit components.I did notice one feature that I think you can also easily exclude - WSJaDocs feature (below Docs). Either that, or just turn off installation for the entire Docs feature. Thanks, again, for building on Ricks hard work! Uncle Gadget Edit: I just realized that WSJaDocs is disabled as it is a sub-feature of Japanese Docs. Still, it might work as well by turning off the entire Docs feature.
  8. Thanks, Jonnyboy. I appreciate your continued support!
  9. Is there a way that the user can easily update the available plugins for the Addon Maker? There's been a few recent updates and it would be nice to be able to update these without having to wait for Johnnyboy to do the update. Uncle Gadget
  10. I use RVM to integrate the update pack, IE8, and .Net Framework, but I use nLite for all addons (Including your Search addon) and Windows tweaks. Thanks again!
  11. Thanks for the quick update! :worthy: Just curious, though, is there a particular reason you recommend this be in the update pack? The only pack I'm aware of that includes it is OnePiece's - and his has FAR TOO MUCH stuff in there for me. Captain Gadget
  12. I noticed there a new high-priority security update for Windows Search. Is this something that you are able/willing to incorporate into your addon? Here's a link for the info on the update: Vulnerability in Windows Search Could Allow Information Disclosure (963093) Thanks, again, Ricktendo for this update. :thumbsup_anim: Uncle Gadget
  13. Thanks, ricktendo, for the fast update. However, I believe the 1033.mst transforms are missing from the 7-zip files. Am I correct or am I missing something?
  14. I think that new versions are really out this time - v6.31.258 I found them at: Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Drivers Whenever you have a chance, Rick, an update would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, again, in advance for all you do! :thumbsup_anim: Uncle Gadget
  15. Running the latest build (v0.602) I am getting the following error while building a true addon: Below is a copy of the log file as well. Let me know if I can supply any further info.
  16. This is very sad news! Your work will be greatly missed. :worthy: From the hundreds of lurkers who've been using your addon for many months: Thank you and please come back any time! :crying_anim02:
  17. Rick, just found this tool. It's awesome! Thank you for this and for the continued work you do in the community. You're a real leader and a real asset! :thumbsup_anim: Uncle Gadget
  18. FYI, the full installation procedures (shortcuts, %ProgramFiles% destination, etc.) have not been built into the installer. Your SFX script only contains the following at this point: ;The comment below contains SFX script commands Setup=Firefox.hta Silent=1 Overwrite=1
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