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  1. updated to version: V0.3 build 3001

    ~ Fixed the font install code

    ~ New GUI background (thx Kirs)

    ~ updated mui file patch support

    ~ Lots of scrip updates and bug fixes

    ~ Shifted buttons and options around

    ~ Rewrote the complete translation code

    ~ Added better menu start button support

    ~ Updated selected pack preview function

    ~ Removed internal resources from the GUI

    ~ Added the option to restore the uxtheme files

    ~ GUI language can now also be manually chosen from the 7tsp menu

    ~ Detects if uxstyle core is running to auto skip ux file patching

    ~ A bitmap can now also be used for the copy/delete animations in stead of gradient colors

    ~ Updated the logonui preview function to better reflect how it will look like after patching

    ~ The restore button will now open a "Restore Menu" where all restore methods can be selected

    ~ Made more things optional, like the visual style, wmp skin, timedate cpl, sounds install, font install....

    ~ Fixed a bug where logonui did not change when a "logonUI changer" has been used

    ~ basebrd.dll.res can now be added for home pro and ultimate

    (Extra\basebrd\basebrdhome.dll.res and basebrdpro.dll.res and resources\basebrd.dll.res for the ultimate or universal bitmaps)

  2. wow almost like a bricopack! YAY

    thanx! :)

    updated the GUI to version 0.2

    ~Translation code is in and so far tnx to Tytynono the English (Translate 7tsp) file for the GUI has been translated to French!

    ~included Explorer windows arrows for the color packs

    ~Added Task Manager hexing support

    ~Removed all folders from the internal pack (Made a Black Pack to replace these)


  3. Task Manager Modder v0.6

    Here is a tool I wrote for the 7tsp project in edition to the 7 taskmanagermods.

    With this tool the windows 7 Task Manager grids and lines can be customized with any color in 6 hex digits values,

    or just use the sliders fore some predefined colors (in any combination).

    Se7en Task Manager Modder, hex edits taskmgr.exe to set the custom colors.


    Date: 6-Mar-'11


    Version: 0.7

    Size: 1,12 MB


    ~ Windows XP SP3 x86 and Seven RTM 7600+ x86/x64 only


    ~ Runs in Admin mode

    ~ Only the "taskmgr.exe" will be modified

    change log:

    6 March 2011 v0.7

    ~Updated for SP1

    27 Juli 2010 v0.6

    ~Minor script updates

    ~added the option to open a color Picker window for each hex value

    22 Juli 2010 v0.5

    ~added support for the English Task manager on xp x86

    14 Juli 2010 v0.4

    ~Minor script updates

    ~added Se7en Beta SP1 Support

    "01 Juli 2010 v0.3

    ~Added XP SP3 x86 support

    I know.. pretty useless but have fun anyway!

  4. ok, something like this?

    i have added 3 command line switches in the following variations:

    ~"7UxThemeHexer /q" (quiet patch)

    ~"7UxThemeHexer /qr" (quiet restore)

    ~"7UxThemeHexer /q /reboot" (patch + reboot)

    ~"7UxThemeHexer /qr /reboot" (restore + reboot)

    though u still get a UAC pop pup if it is enabled, i hope this is what you're looking for.

  5. i wanted to include uxtheme patching to the 7tsp project

    so i wrote my own hexing code for the project and from that i also created a stand alone hexer.

    Se7en UxTheme hexer

    uxhexer.png uxhexer2.png

    Download: dwnld_button.png


    size:592 kb

    ~For windows Se7en x86 and x64 7600+ only

    Change log:

    27-Aug-2010, taken down for unknown time

    ~rewriting some of the code..

    11-Jun-2010, v0.2

    added 3 command line switches in the following variations:

    ~"7UxThemeHexer /q" (quiet patch)

    ~"7UxThemeHexer /qr" (quiet restore)

    ~"7UxThemeHexer /q /reboot" (patch + reboot)

    ~"7UxThemeHexer /qr /reboot" (restore + reboot)

    ~"7UxThemeHexer ?" (type ? (or anything else) for info)

    9-Jun-2010, v0.1

    first release


    just an exe

    ~will run in admin mode

    ~quiet switches are only completely quiet if UAC is disabled

    have fun! :D

  6. updated Se7en File Replacer to version 1.5.

    added some extra options and support :D


    v1.5 - 10-Jun-'10

    ~Full x64 support for windows seven!!

    ~added a menu to the program with extra functions

    ~added SFC /scannow to the menu to scan/restore your complete system

    ~added SFC /scanfile to the menu to scan/restore a single selected file

    ~auto detects running files and closes and restarts automatically

    ~added the option to refresh your icon cache

    ~added the option to make a quick Restore Point

    ~added "reboot system" to the menu

    ~major scrip fixes and updates

    ~When replacing a file the current file ownerships of a file are now restored back to how they were found

    ~All files can now be replaced on the spot!! e.g. shell32.dll etc. (i left the replace on next reboot option in for those who might still need it,

    but for visa/seven it is not recommended to use it for system files because it will not restore the file ownerships)

    please let me know if it is working...



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