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  1. It just a simple one, I don't like putting everything on desktop...anyway I got the skin from DucTien On Devianrt. I think few other glass skins also available there
  2. This is mine for this month....my concept is blue glass
  3. superb, btw is it downloadable somewhere?
  4. Hi, Finally I know what the problem is....my 2nd partition is in FAT32 format, couldn't be traced by XP, since I format that partition to NTFS then everything is clear......Bravo
  5. My friend, I've deleted it and download from gallery. bu somehow it doest appears at all! test with other gadgets they are okay except that driveinfo...very weird and funny
  6. Hi there... Finally I managed to make weather gadget works, simply just changing regional setting...just one more issues...the drive info still shows weird image. do you have any idea? http://img488.imageshack.us/img488/1410/20...07002144ht1.jpg
  7. Good day, Feel so happy coz my sidebar issues fixed already.... after throughout study in this forum.... :thumbsup_anim: and you're right my IE didn't installed correctly thats why I can't installed WLAN API and also because of some of my XP files corrupted. ....in the first place I reinstalled the XP then everything went okay! :worthy: But I still has small issues : Why my drive info gadget cannot displayed 2 images, when I picked 2 drive the image went black and ugly?.............why my calculator only functioning when using mouse not the keyboard?......why feed headlines look weird ? and lastly as common user faced the weather info still nut functioning... :questionmark: But overall I'm 120% satisfied with this sidebar compared with others...You really done great job. congrat :clap:
  8. Please help me! :help: I don't know whats wrong with my notebook...The sidebar not working perfectly. I've installed the 13 mar sidebar on my office desktop....great no problem at all, but when try to install on notebook, the image of gadgets blur and some gadget nut functioning well.i.e font on notepad....... I've installed Vaoixp, Media Player 11, IE7 but failed to install WLAN API from Microsoft. Dont know why but the screen show "cannot transfer dependant packages' what the heck is that? and in the process of installing the windows update somehow my internet connection face problem: cannot log in the net : username not valid in the domain....whargh, whargh :ranting: somebody please help me....
  9. Hallo, I'm a newbie here. and very much focused on the development of VISTA especially the Sidebar. unfortunately the price of the VISTA OS quite costly here in Malaysia and the issues of compatibility restraint me from purchasing that OS for a time being. Actually I've tried to install VISTA RTM on my desktop at office from your guide. really the WOW is now. it works fine. thats very great work. congratulation.. But unfortunately there is a problem when I try to install sidebar on my compaq 3128TU notebook at home. it works fine from first install but whenever I restart the notebook the sidebar didn't appear. it seems that nothing happens. I know there must be something wrong somewhere and going to try it again tonight. ..and i hope this forum will assist me. thank you.
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