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  1. I don't think they should drop the 32bit because I am running Windows 7 on a Toshiba L35-S2194, which is Intel Celeron M with 1GB of RAM... So until I get enough money to buy a 64bit laptop/desktop I will be stuck with using 32bit... There are tons of folks like me buying cheap lapatops from pawn shops to replace the one the fragged... LMAO, but I have plans for a new one, probably either Lenovo or Toshiba... What I do like about Win7 is that it runs most of the Vista Drivers flawlessly, and since my Toshiba has upgrade drivers and is Vista Capable I tried Vista Home Premium, then Ultimate and then my tech friend in Alaska informed me of the Open Beta, I DLed a copy asap cause Vista was alright but hes been ranting for a while (6860 release I think?) and figure wth might as well... I was astonished, it actually got added to my list of awesome OSes next to Linux...
  2. I have the new Windows 7 and gods it runs 1000% faster than Vista Ultimate, which is faster than Home Premium lol... Ok so I exaggerated a wee bit... But yes I do have to say I am impressed with Win7, and I am a hardcore Ubuntu fan *holds up a laptop drive with his Linux OS on it* which I now add Win7 to my list of favorite OSes...
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