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  1. Lawzy

    VTP 9.1

    I think an update for Windows Media Player 11 is causing the theme problems, anyone know why?
  2. Lawzy

    VTP 9.1

    Yeah none of it has worked, i know the msstyles file has somehow disappeared, where can i get it?
  3. Lawzy

    VTP 9.1

    Thank you, someone with actual advide much appriaciated!
  4. Lawzy

    VTP 9.1

    I have no idea, it should have been pathched by VTP if it needed to, so i have no idea, and i'm running XP
  5. Lawzy

    VTP 9.1

    It was working fine previously, then it just buggered up, there is no theme file for it in my themes, and i think it may have something to do with that lol, i now need to correct this problem, but no idea how or where i can get the replacment files needed
  6. Lawzy

    VTP 9.1

    I've got a problem with the theme (Aero) not working, any idea on how to fix it?
  7. I keep getting this - "Sorry. This application attempted to delay-load a library or function that does not exist. Instability may occur." Any hellp would be most appreciated. :icon_cool: Lawzy.
  8. No such luck, still there unfortunatly, but never mind, i now need to figure out how i install gadgets Lol
  9. Yeah read that on another post, so that's sorted thanks, now i have the picture, but i also have a pink border around it lol
  10. I have a little problem, some gadgets won't work, and some do but are a pale gray colour:
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