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  1. because even adding the net. framework it still appears in windows update. There's not a program but even in creating?
  2. thanks, where can I find a list of updates that must be placed to create and where to find them in Portuguese, though some are specific to other countries. It would be nice if the program identifies itself would prevent errors nlite.
  3. hi, how to do an updatepack with only a few files? I do not want to put all updates, but error will ocurred. have a way to the tool identify him or inform? sorry for english.
  4. Good night! worked well, appears only one error (attached). no problem. thank you very much
  5. good afternoon! am sending the aquivo compressing the jpg of the error, this error started to happen after version 1.6 (IE8 AddOn). already formatted the PC and created new addons, it always appears the error when it is adding the file "Gsrvctr.h. thanks for attention. Sorry for the English link:http://www.4shared.com/file/183950758/b89f0131/error_ie8_jpg.html i' send de last Last Session Last Session - .ini.txt
  6. Error updating ei8 using nlite remains the same what to do? as in the following. sorry for English!
  7. I had a erro whem a try add ie8 if nlite "H-O index and the length must be mentioned inside to a place of the sequencia. name of the parameter: length.
  8. congratulations for great program! I would like to know why the hotfix still appearance yet on windows update
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