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  1. well you know , i am, i dont care its for children. i like it and dont care a f***! so nice pic man keep it up! btw, did you draw them yourself? the faces are ... different? damian666
  2. man i really like that pokemon banner man. btw is that wolf on your sign a poochena? are you into pokemon wolf? damian666
  3. thanx guys for the warm welcome, i promise i wont condem you guys to hell oke?! :evil: greetings damian666
  4. good morning guys, i dont know if i have any knowledge to share because im a noob. but i already like it here so i will try my best. bye bye damian :welcome:
  5. damian666

    hi guys

    well, i hope we can have some fun here, i like to see what threads are on this site. i dig the customization of windows so i hope top find much news here. see your guys later :welcome:
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