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  1. damn... ok well thanx for the reply Nic. and plesae post one that works if you happen to find one ok? damian666
  2. dude, do you even know how small mine is? and i mean the program BTW a mere 500 kb, which gives you a nice Gui fo rthat prise damian666
  3. Kel, listen man... i told you in another thread too, why you still use that old replacer? why not put my new one in there you can test, and if its not good enough, we can fix it let me know man, btw, great addition for vista man damian666
  4. its a nice gadget, but how the hell do i get it to work? any instructions on this Nic? Damian666
  5. yeah, well, thats what you get for helping sometimes man... its the sad reality these days... Damian666
  6. no, not yet... but thats easely integrated if you like... but it does allready have a normal browse for file dialog so its easy to use, but its a good idea man Damian666
  7. Replacer? Hell no. Why use a .net app when the cmd replacer does fine? you can always try my replacer man, mde in autoit, so no need for .net, but a nice GUI. the best of both worlds Damian666 check here for it projects homepage
  8. kel, upxgui is already two versions further man you didnt check huh? Damian666
  9. Check here... (((Spam link removed))) not a link to the sp3 guys, but check it out Damian666
  10. nice one, too bad it cost a bundle! anyone know of a free one for 2000? damian666
  11. oke thanx man. i wait for the results. thanx damian666
  12. @tamilcheetas the uninstaller now works, except for the cursor and sound scheme. this oke for you? or have any ideas for those pesky little m.f.? let me know. link in the first post. damian666
  13. hi guys, im going to do it differently. i made a pack using the XPize installer system. its called vistapack2000 beta1, and thats just what it is, beta. it installs fin ebut i need to adjust the uninstaller for it. so please try this on a vm or when you like the vista look on your life system. But be warned, it wont uninstall everything! still, i hope you guys are willing to test this for me. so see the first post for the link. thanx damian666
  14. well, if its the same, then it didnt work. so its back to the drawing table for me. well hope to fix it for the next version. damian666
  15. yep, thats the one. could you please look in to it for me?! thanx damian666
  16. hi man, thanx for testing. but just to be sure, did you install it in safemode? because thats really neccesary untill i find a way to defeat wfp. and in my computer, where your oemlogo is, if you got that. do you see any changes? because it did not work before and now i changed it so would like to know. thanx!!! damian666
  17. cant get the preview on the page! whats wrong, why do i have only 28k left? the image is 50k some help nic? oke here goes... preview damian666
  18. Hi guys, well at last here it is... the new release of the pack with 32bit icons! thanx to tihiy, the line is finally crossed! so check this out! and let me know if you found something while testing new one with bugfixes and the begin off multilang installment. damian666 vistapack2000 1.3.3 beta i have attached a preview. preview
  19. wow, thats f*cking amizing stuff that he does there man incredible, to even try that in paint . thinking about it gives me a headache! damian666 :shocking:
  20. wow thanx wolf, your the photoshop god man! i will use your pics in my ua cd if you do not mind. but i will try to make them myself, so thanx for the explanation. bye bye damian666
  21. hi wolf, i was wondering if you could tell me how to make that reflection less cutt of. i'm trying to make a bitmap for the hhdwiz.cpl of xp but when i trie this tut, it looks kind of cut of. do you know what i mean? is there a way to let it flow out or something like that? damian666 vistabmp19.bmp
  22. hi wolf, well the "error" was really a misguided me . i could not find the buttons you said because i have the dutch version of photopshop man. so its no big thing! here is my result! :thumbsup: damian666 damian.bmp
  23. hey wolf, i tried your tut and with a little trail and error, i made it work! i am going to show you next time because its on my own pc and im on my work now. but i just wanted to say, keep it up :thumbsup: damian
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