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  1. Thank you! That was much easier for me than the last time I made one.
  2. Wow, after using this all I had to do was track down 3 more png's for my favorite games and I was done. That's nowhere near the hassle I had getting rocketdock to look nice enough after my last fresh install. Thank you.
  3. I just wanted to say hello and give a quick intro. I've watched this forum for a long time, but as always I don't join until I feel I'm ready to contribute or help others in a positive and efficient manner. The main reasons I'm here are unattended installations, Windows software discussion, and seeking aid (if needed) in making my own svcpack addons and/or switchless executables for use with RunOnceExe since I'm uncomfortable with asking others to make what I want. Hopefully I can be helpful here, and maybe even get a few things done.
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