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  1. Now I have a localized MCE install disk :thumbsup_anim: I just had to replace all files from the three cab files with files from an installed windows xp mce + rollup 2(!) in the target language. For replacing the files I wrote a little program in C# that searched the localized files in the windows directory (and subdirectories) and merged it with the content of the addon cab files in a new directory. Integrated the localized addon with nLite, installed and worked. I have attached an English version of the replacing tool. I found an "easter egg": The windows help still says its a XP Pro :-) SearchAndReplace.zip
  2. I got a little further. I replaced the files in the three cabs from your addon (rollup 2!) with the language specific versions from the language specific xp mce sp2 disc (pre-rollup 2!). Most of the errors are gone, so the windows settings like quick launch folder etc. are ok now, but some files from the media center app needs to be updated with the rollup2-files. I will post the results if I get this finally working.
  3. Hello Rick, at first: great work! Integrating the MCE addon into a German XP Pro was successful (although the media center application was in English ). Then I replaced mediactr.cab, plus.cab and sonic.cab with the files from a German XP MCE SP2. After installing in a virtual machine the files were all there, but no shortcuts for the media center, the whole quick launch bar folder was missing, the standard theme wasn't changed to royale and there where no programs set for the start menu links for internet and e-mail (I didn't searched for further errors, this were the first problems I saw after install). What is wrong? Do I have to change some files in the addon or in the media center cabs? You wrote something about INF and MUI files for a Turkish version earlier, but I don't know which files have to be replaced. Thanks a lot! greetz, loonydeluxe
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