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  1. It was been made 1,5 years and still not final - bundle of patches (Restorator ResPatcher). It is for integration into SP3 Professional Russian Edition. If you want English version you should wait another 1,5 years. There are 400 patches in folder Patch
  2. HJW, you are not correct - 20.06 GMT of 06 April - WINSTYLE 2009 PREFINAL version is released. It is Russian addon and it is not integrated so as English. 75 MB For those who knows Russian: Winstyle 2009 Addon
  3. Usually I integrate Foxit addon as super must have. I am MSFN forum member. And there is one utility that configures installation of programs in addons for WPI and extracts executable files to temp folder. I have created 220 free program set but there is one addon, yours, that I cannot convert. After decompressing all files I have: foxit.inf, FoxitReader.exe, FoxitReader_Preferences, Readme.txt, Uninstall.exe (Entries_...ini not needed I think). Is it correct if - I put all them exept readme.txt to install folder - and in section [sourceDiskFiles] of foxit.inf remove readme.txt - No switch for executable file will be applied, that's exe file will chew silently foxit.inf?
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