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  1. born and raised in germany (daimler benz was born in my hometown ) but my parents are from turkey and former yugoslavia
  2. my dad bought me a 486dx2/66 (i think that was 1989) and in fact i still got it (scanned some minutes ago) hehe, not more to say
  3. hi there nice little tool but i'd like to shouw you this one: ImageShack Hotspot i don't want to hijack this thread just wanted to show you ISH regards kHaN @cro-man: vielleicht gefaellt es dir ja / Mo
  4. yeah, esnipes sometimes does that but i couldn't figure out when and why :x thats why i registered myself there, hehe ;D
  5. it does even more :giveheart: assuming you are very bored :sleeping_03anim: set the stars to: 1 start klicking and try to "catch" the star by klicking it again. Whenever you catched one, it starts to hover on the desktop you can then start to organize them by rightclicking them HAVE FUN and don't get mad hint: it will end counting when you've catched 1000stars, hehe
  6. howdy chris )))))) nice to see you here finally!
  7. hi guys winflip has been updated to v0.41 but the mainpage is down atm (will be back in a few days) but there is a mirror here: WinFlip Mirror regards big
  8. IZArc or TUGZip or cabtools or Microsoft Cabinet Software Development Kit and so on, and so on but i assume *THIS PAGE* can provide some more informations for you
  9. omg they updated it again --- 2007-09-11: Version 1.7.5 (build 4602) - Fix: rare crash bug with malformed UPnP response - Fix: downloads stalled in rare cases btw nice icon for the .torrent files :speak_cool:
  10. "Your Wish is My Command, Sir :smiley_superman2:" there we go: "Windows Vista SP1 Sidebar v6.0.6001.16633 (Updated 8-30-07)" mirror @ MediaFire.com :baba: file: Ricks_WindowsSidebar_AlkyXP1.0_AddOn_70830.7z :crazy: md5: F8ED3B78598D829C4740E7F2AEC2375E :type:
  11. hehe and there was an update of the update again --- 2007-09-06: Version 1.7.4 (build 4482) -Fix: DHT crash when Mainline clients were present
  12. IZArc would be another tool that supports cab
  13. sry kel im using my own addon for this (ger langfile and so on) just wanted to give you a shout anyway thx for updating this nice peace of software
  14. there is a new version out WinSCP 4.0.4 Released: 2007-09-02
  15. and again a update Rocketdock v1.3.5 would be nice if you update your add-on :icon_rolleyes:
  16. hmmmmmm.....what you call this then? hmmm... just uncheck that option :smiley_superman2: and you'll get what you want greetz ------- in diesem Sinn! Augen auf beim Eierkauf german byword open up your eyes when buying eggs
  17. using this for a long time now but never had a "true addon" thx for your work =)
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