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  1. :fun: Happy Birthday Jonnyboy :beerchug:
  2. You're welcome. I see you did not noticed. There is already sticky in this section containing complete list of addons including ones that I made. take a look.
  3. Actually I tested addon personally befora I update it again and I was unable to produce that error. Are you sure that this addon is causing this problem :g: Did you tried adding it to fresh source adding addons one by one?
  4. Pozdrav Domagoj. Welcome to WinCert.
  5. Nothing after that first initial one... I did not try running patcher for second time. Thanks for looking into problem...and doing your best. I'll wait for new version and give it another spin.
  6. That was not my intend in the first place. I was trying to patch XP source folder (CD) but I was unabel to navigate to it so I copy patcher directly into root folder and proceed with patching so no Live system patching was done,nevertheless I had "feeling" like I did it on Live sistem (since reboot option was ticked at the end of process)...strange but after reboot I had problems mentioned before. I hope this clears any misunderstanding between us. No hard feelings...
  7. Ok ok...yo got me! :doh: I used windows 7 x64 as my base OS.
  8. I was hoping to do more spinning dougiefresh. But my hash for XPtsp_v1.4.5.5_GUI.exe is 3d535aa1b313f835350068627dd79809 :sweatingbullets: and according to first post they don't match,nevertheless I proceed and after I finished patching I experienced problems mention bellow. I did not use this tool for a while and I see you made some major changes with this patcher. I hope you fix that script so it would work as it should Almost the same...although I run it on 64 bit win 7,I had blue screen after I logon to win. Luckily I did not end up reinstalling my OS :thumbsup_anim:
  9. I agree with Rick although I never "seriously" tested 7000 or 7022 but these latest build look sweater and sweater. Regarding games be sure to update latest DirectX I use switchless installers at least 7048 not sure about build 7057. Personally I don't play games much but last month I tried COD WOW,FC2,MOH Airborne,Cobra 11, Cryostasis and all seam to running just smooth and fine with no problems or what so ever. Even on 64bit OS. I hope you won't run into any problem with Steam games as well.
  10. LOL Rick I forgot you had birthday... Happy B day mate...best wishes
  11. Ok guys I double check it. Seams like archive was corrupted causing headache. My apology to all of you for causing it. Better check your hash file to be shure you have latest updated archive. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the feedback guys I'll look into it again to see what is going on... If you experience problems with it don't use it until further notice.
  13. Happy Birthday mate... best wishes! :beerchug:
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