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  1. una pregunta ricktendo me gustaria saber si con este addon se puede convertir un xp sp3 pro a mce...o usar mce en xp sp3 yo tengo instalado ya mi notebook con sp3 pro y no quiero instalar todo denuevo :S y como tengo una capturadora quiero usarla con media center....se puede hacer algo??? gracias por tu pack
  2. hi nice work ricktendo64 with your addons but i check one little detail with your reduction of size (remove exe and dll duplicates and add the mui library call for other languajes) new exe file increase the memory usage like 10mb+ more i have you old addons and this new one...old use 22mb and 10mb two proccess of sidebar.exe and new one use 34mb and 16mb in the two proccess :S the mui call i think reserve the memory to the library or something like that :S
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