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  1. Hi there! Regged today, but this forum has already saved me countless hours of work on my unattended installers. Thanks a million! I hope I'll be able to contribute something as well.
  2. I'm unable to move non-system folders on a storage volume (the OS is physically on a different HD). I've gone trough the obvious steps, including manually giving myself full ownership over the folders and their contents (even though I'm an admin). The process was really slow, and yet didn't fix the problem. I've also tried the OwnTheFile VBscript, which doesn't do the trick either. When I try to move the folder(s), I'm prompted for admin permission, which I give, and yet get a "Destination folder access denied" -error. I've disabled write-only, not only on the folders, but on subfolders and files as well, but for some inexplicable reason the attribute keeps re-appearing. Any ideas? It seems that my admin-privileges don't count for much here. I'd really hate to disable UAC, but can't afford wasting time on this any longer. I just wish I had a working sudo or chown equivalent here. Help would be very highly appreciated. Edit: Running Vista Ultimate x64 SP1
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