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  1. this doesnt seem to work , the error msg is still there , do u have any other clues ? i dont think its a Vaio issue, ive had this one before i formatted my computer , and the msg was gone after the format. but , i changed the computer 1 week ago , and when i installed the sidebar , the msg came back , note that i have RVMupdatePack 2.1.9 and Dotnet 3.0,2.0,1.1 , also WMP11 and IE7 are already integrated with latest Hotfixes. Thanks in advance ricks !
  2. Hello Ricks ! , Thank you for this amazing addon/installer, ive been using it since the day it came out as RTM . I have an issue , it's annoying , but it doesnt close/crash sidebar , its the attached error message , i keep getting it between 2 to 3 hours while the sidebar is running , Would u help me please ?
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