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  1. Is there the option available that WinToolkit can remove some or all Metro apps from the wim file? I did try it out with "Win 8.1 Pro integrated with update1". Didn't find this option... Camino
  2. Request filled THX for updating this tool :dancing:
  3. @Thiersee Thanks for this nfo, the next time I try it with autologon and set as Admin. :graduated:
  4. All the stuff that's placed into this section isn't executed at the end of the new installation of Win7. I still need them to install manually. I don't use an autounattend.xml so the autologon as admin isn't set Some older version back, I don't know the build version anymore, it did work quite nice. Maybe I did use then this autounattend.xml but I never used the autologon as admin.
  5. I think I didn't expresse myself very clear... With the runonce, I was talking about the "Silent Installs + SFX" feature under the advanced tab. My mistake
  6. THX for your quick reply, mooms. It works perfectly. Thank you so much for this information, :icon_cool:
  7. @mooms Hello mooms, may I place a small req to you? Is it possible that you can provide some information on how to create a "Leurre pour MRT". I would like to create this dummy-mrt, so I can integrate this file with wintoolkit. thx
  8. - The runonce feature still doesn't work. This upgrade didn't solved the problem... The contents of the "WinToolkit_RunOnce_Log". I hope you can find a solution for this situation. Good luck Bump
  9. I would like to report 2 bugs... - The runonce feature doesn't seem to work. This is the contents of the "WinToolkit_RunOnce_Log" - The default setting of a themepack doesn't work. I removed the original themes and integrate 3 other themepacks. Further I have a strong believe that all other stuff is working...
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