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  1. I think you are going to set yourself up with some big problems trying to do it manually. This is not the place to tinker around. I would take OnePiece's advice if I were you.
  2. I also do not like Search 4.0. I installed it once and took it right back out because I didn't like the way it worked and liked the original Windows Search much better. I see reference here to a "customizer" but didn't see any links. Would be nice to be able to manually take things out of this addon that are not wanted rather than having to run a separate addon process to take something out. That's always going to be an issue with a big addon like this, some are not going to want everything that's in it. Are there plans to include Net Framework 3.5 in this addon?
  3. I found it, though it wasn't listed on ryan's download site. I actually got it on Softpedia. I can say that I did my first install yesterday of XP with an integrated XP disk. I had always kept up with making a XP disk with integrated SP3, IE7, and WMP 11. I then made one (after reading this thread) with SP3, Ryan's post SP3 addon, OnePiece's IE8 addon, and Boogy's WMP 11 addon. Up to yesterday I had never had to use it. Well my daughter's computer needed a complete clean install of XP so I said, "OK, finally the time to use this disk I made to see if it actually works". I did the install and it went flawless. Installed XP with SP3, IE8 and WMP11 already in it and I was good to go. A very good thing! Made the install and subsequent work after the install so much easier. Kudos to all you guys who take the time to make all this stuff! My hats off to all of you!
  4. It says Ryan Integreter 1.6 or higher is needed. On Ryan's site, his latest version is 1.5.4_b09. So is that the one to use?
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