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  1. Just tried what you said mate, both values are already set to 0. I've just noticed - the 'ITBarLayout' key keeps changing back to a specific value when after I apply a reg script and restart Internet Explorer. The registry script does change the ITBarLayout value. Any more suggestions? Thanks Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks
  2. Hello there, I know its late - but to help others aswell... and hopefully get help. After weeks of research (I am now using IE8 final) my cause was of a group policy "Enable Classic Shell" in "Group Policy\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Explorer" was enabled. This is a requirement for my domain (Windows Server 2003 & Windows XP SP3 clients), for security reasons. Does anybody know ANY way to remove this pathetic menu bar from Internet Explorer. I've tried everything I can see on the internet from importing a registry entry to reset all the toolbars and set the 'AlwaysShowMenus' value to 0. I've tried using the Group Policy "Turn on the menu bar by default" (Set it to disabled). No luck. I've tried every registry entry I can think of. I don't mind so much if the Windows Explorer menu bar is visible, as most of the items are greyed out on the menus. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.
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