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  1. So I was making a PRO/ULT 64 bit install with updates and a few other things (few tweaks, and themes). I ended up with a 3.3 Gig Windows 7 folder (NORMAL!)... I go to create a ISO for burning and it somehow comes away with a image size of 343 Megs (should be 3.3 gigs like normal)... The folder size after I ran create ISO is now 343 Mb as well.. What happend to my 3 gigs of files? They are gone! I thought something happened odd so I tried this again! Both ended up with the same result. I did pick W7T to use the same drive I had the ISO extracted to (E:). I will put those settings back to W7T default and try again. ** Update ** so I set the W7T MISC options for Temp and Mount folder back to C:\ and all is well again. Kind of a major bug?! wasted around 6 hours of CPU time finding out that simple fact. Thanks!
  2. Great app, first time using it on a Windows 7 SP1 DVD. I have a simple question, it took awhile to ingerate all the X64 updates. Awhile as in a hour or two (didn't keep track of the time, just know it was a few hours). Is that normal? Specs of the box doing the work - 6 Core AMD 8 Gigs of ram but on 2 TB SATA HD. I have used Nlite in the past to manage a XP install and it took about 15 minutes or less. Just wanted to see if something is wrong with my setup or this is normal. Thanks!
  3. I am having a problem with v14 pack which I didn't have from the past uber packs. I am using One Piece's AIO addon 2.24 and removing Windows Search and 1.1 DOTNET with RVI 1.6. I then use nlite to add your Control Panel addon and UberPack v14 only and remove drivers and some items, things I have been doing for awhile. The issue is the UberPack doesn't seem to fully install. I get the send-to commands and other menu tweaks but not one of the applications are installed (copied over). Such as TaskSwitch XP and MS Power Calulator. To note Hash Check does work. I have attached a screen shot showing what the utilites folder looks like from my base XP install using VirtualBox.
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